24" wheel walking - ok I'm realy stuck

I have tried so many times to learn to wheel walk my muni and I have made no progress :frowning:
Here are my main problems:

  1. if I go to fast I fall forward and I am leaning back abit

  2. If I go slow I just fall to the side

is there anything I could try or am I doing anything wrong? :thinking:

Make sure your back is straight up and not bent, that makes it a lot easier. You have to put your weight further back than you would think, it can feel like you are about to fall backwards.

I’ll go try that now! :slight_smile:
(I been deliberetly bending my back)

thanks Brian thats helped abit but I still just fall to the side, any way to prevent this?

Extend your arms and use them to help with the balance, look straight ahead and see if you can speed up a little. Other than that its just practice, keep at it and you will get a hang of it.

i’ll try that

A lot of times when people are first learning to wheel walk, their feet aren’t quite right and it throws everything off. The following advice has helped a lot of the people in my club. Hope it helps you, too.

When you wheel walk, you need to make sure that your feet are straight on the wheel, not turned out like penguin’s. (I know it sounds funny, but it’s a very common mistake.) Also, be sure that you’re propelling your wheel with the balls of your feet instead of your heels (another common mistake). Other than that, just practice, practice, practice.

Good luck!


dam, I’m a penguin and a healy :o

Do what they said, plus this:
Learning to wheelwalk can be broken down into two main parts: foot control and balance. I’d start by breaking down the two and learning them separately. That means finding a wall that you can lean unto and wheel-walking along it. When you can do that confidently, start letting go and riding away from it. It’s a lot like learning to ride.

Balance can be practiced by riding normally, but very slowly.

And always remember to keep your back straight. You’ll be doing stand-up wheel-walking before you know it.

thanks everyone :slight_smile:

I don’t know how “correct” this is but when I wheel walk my 24" muni if I start falling to one side I twist the uni to go in that direction.

I used to twist my uni slightly every step to keep my balance which made my path look something something like this: _/¯_/¯_/¯_/¯_/¯

Now since I’ve practiced more I can keep it straight but the twists really helped me stay on longer at first.

yay I can get 10m now :slight_smile:

YAY, Congrats. Now you can practice to go even further if you want. :smiley:

I need a quick relase seat clamp so I can practise when I get tired after a trials line

edit: how far can you ww?