24" wheel, Large Marge DH Rim, Nimbus ISIS 36 hole hub, 3.0 tube, 2 IRC Kujo DH tires

I built the wheel for my Surly Conundrum frame, but I stick with my 26" Large Marge wheel all the time. This wheel is true, the tire that’s on there has less than 20 miles on it and I have a brand new spare for it. Reinvigorate your 24" muni with a new wheel and one of the best tire out there for Muni (IMO).

I prefer not to ship it but will consider it. I can send pics if needed but if you’re in or close to Portland, we can meet up so you can se it.

$85 (plus shipping if needed, if paying by paypal, will add fees to cost).

What are the tire widths?

They’re both 3.0 tires (3" width).

Will ship.

I’ve got this all boxed up, should be able to ship to the lower 48 for under $60.

PM sent :wink: