24" Wheel in a 26" Frame

For those how can’t decide…

I’m on the fence between a KH24" and a KH26.

Are there any pitfalls to running a 24" wheel in a 26" frame? The new KH 26" frames can handle a 3" tire.

The only downside to it, besides the need to have multiple wheels, is that the crown of the frame will be a couple of inches taller on the 26" frame.

Am I missing something here?

Shouldn’t be any problem :wink: As well I know…

The only problem would be if you want to put rim brakes on the frame. The brake mounts would be in the wrong place for the 24 inch rim.

Unless Kris lowered the KH24 in the last few years the crown height is actually the same, just different locations for the brake mounts.

You sure?

So a ~2008 model KH24 frame is the same crown height as the new KH26 frame that can accomodate the 3" tires?

As bizarre as it sounds, I have a Triton frame designed for multiple wheel sizes. I’m running a 26" and will be switching to a Large Marge when the snow flies. So far no issues from muni riding and commuting other then it looks a little different. I don’t see there being an issue using a KH with similiar plans involved as long as the brakes can be lined up (as discussed).

If I was big on tricks it might get a bit hard to work with.

I thought about this once. I realized that the most expensive portion of the unicycle is the wheel/hub/wheel build/ect. I decided that it is worth the extra money to have two unicycles instead of one and a half, where I have to switch the wheels every time I wanted a different riding style.

yup, 14" from axel centre to bottom of the crown.

A Duro 26x3 fits just fine in my KH24 frame, and since I use disk breaks, no problems.

That means I wouldn’t have to buy a KH26 frame is I want a 26" greared wheel? (I only have a KH24). That’s awesome!

Eric, how old is your KH frame though? I know that the clearance was lowered on the 20" from 2007 to 2008, I dont know about the 24".

mmm looks like a 2007

Perhaps you could get a cheap 07 KH24 frame from Bedford?

My friend has a 26" Nimbus, I’ll try this and I’ll post here with the results later :stuck_out_tongue:

Darren probably has some awesome deals on KH 07 frames!

Ummm, isn’t that the design that tends to break at the weld between the seat post tube and crown?

If money is the issue, I’d get a steel Nimbus frame then add extra magura mounts on the other side to have 24/26 brake mounts or get a disc brake set up.

I have not broken a frame, but considering how much torque I put on my seat/handle, the seat post and seat post tube are really getting worked, be a shame to buy a frame and have it break.

FYI, there are some new frames and hubs on the horizon, so it might be worth saving those pennies :slight_smile:

It tends to break there if you’re doing street on it. I’ve had a KH24 2007 since then and I bet it up pretty well. I’m a light rider but it does get beat up. I’ve also used a handlebar with it, which adds some extra torque to the frame.

The Nimbus wouldn’t work because the 26" would be for my Guni projects :wink:

I used to have a Nimbus 24" frame on my Muni and I traded it for a 2008 KH. Much lighter, my Muni lost 1lb by changing the frame!


Its no problem… I have a 20" in my 24" KH frame :slight_smile: … looks a bit of a mongrel though :astonished:

KH24 2009 frame doesn’t fit a 26x3" wheel! That means Kris has lowered the clearance on the KH24 frame also. I mesured my frame from the bearing holders and it’s 13,5". So 1/2" lower than the 07 frames. I didn’t had any smaller tires to try with though. But I think it wouldn’t work anyway.

Thanks for the insightful info

Thanks to all who contributed to this thread…

My take away… Buy a KH26. It will work with a 24 or 26 wheel with the full 3" tire. If I want to add a rim brake it will only work with the 26. More than likely the brake will be for the 26, particularly if it is running a geared hub.