24 vs. 29 unicycle - im a noobcyclist :]

Absolutely not!

There’s more factors to take into account.

If you’re commuting, say, 20 miles on roads, then the 29er/125 will be far better than a 24/150.

If you commute is just over a mile, then a 24/150 will be fine and have a couple of positives-

  1. it will allow you to play around on bits of muni over the commute (eg taking short cuts up and over grassy banks etc)

  2. I find the 29/125 is fine on the road, but, not as good as a 24/150 on crowded pavements, where the extra control with the smaller wheel/longer cranks is a bonus.

Having said that, for distances just over a mile, the 29-er is just as good a choice, but for different reasons.

I also ride pavements with my 29er/125 and do mild muni.

Many people find, after plenty of riding with a short crank set-up, that they can ride muni paths that they once found tricky with their old smaller wheel/longer crank setup.

But, that’s cos they’ve become better unicyclists- i reckon if they spent some weeks using the old setup, they’d be able to ride stuff they can’t manage on a 29-er/125.

That’s cos small wheel/long crank setups are designed for rougher stuff/more control.

However much control you get on a 29er/125, you’re always going to have more control with longer cranks.

For example, refering to the video I posted several posts back- I can climb that hill on my 29-er/125 and often do so- but notice the way I’m having to grip the handle just to get enough force to rotate the cranks- look how much concentration it’s taking: on my old 24/150 I can get up that hill sat totally on the saddle and without using the handle.

Just another thing to consider:

How much skill you got?

Riding a 29er takes more skill than riding a 24", esp in tight areas and muni. Two years ago I couldn’t get used to riding a 29er off road, had problems with hills, irregular surfaces, off camber riding, etc…, but now I’m using one for non-tech muni and I love it!

A 26" is a good compromise, lots of tire choices, I still ride one for tech muni.

This is an interesting discussion. I find I have better control on my 29 with 125 cranks. 150 are just too awkward. My 24 muni has 150s and feels awkward except when climbing steep dirt. I have better control on my 36 with 150 cranks, though riding is more fun with the 125s. I find the 26 Schlumpf to be difficult no matter the crank size and only ride it away rom traffic lights. Now that I’m back to work it just sits:(. Crank size is a funny thing. It’s amazing what 1" change does.

people people we are forgetting about the 26’er. Its almost perfict for what he wants, the ability to ride distance and muni. Also dont forget how much easer parts will be to get, 900000% of bike shops cary 26 in tires and tubes.

I agree. I ride a 26" w/ 150 cranks and it does fine around town (Singapore). I ride both on the road, and on footpaths. My usual loops are 6km, 10km, and 13km.
Riding speed is a little faster than that of joggers (I overtake them, but they don’t seem to overtake me). Tubes & tyres are cheap and readily available in any bike shop.
I fly a lot, and 26" packs to a convenient size for travelling. It’s the unicycle I learnt to ride on, so I may have some bias…


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Hi, Colin. Thanks very much for your help with my daughter’s juggling / uni show. I hope you had a good night, and got your fill of tucker.
I’m heading down to Perth later this month, but then fly straight to NZ for the racing.

Back to the Topic - 26" gets my vote…


Hello its me again :]

is one able to do basic to intermediate tricks with a 26 or 29? in my noobness, i feel like its hard to do tricks in size over 24. like riding off a few stairs and jumps? if yes, im all in. also, i dont think ill ever ride over 4km or 2 miles at the moment because my school is a little less than a mile away from me. BTW, i will have to navigate around semi crowded areas, after it is a school.

ahhhhh, so many options and choices! my poor head.

also there doesnt seem to be that many 26 inch unicycles avaialbe

That all depends on where you look. If you want to buy a “pre built” then it may be a bit harder, but in your case I would build my own. Get a frame, seat, seat post, hub, pedals, seat post clamp, and cranks. Then any good bike shop can take your hub and make a killer wheelset for you. it should run (money wise) about the same as a prebuilt(+/- $50) but this means its “YOUR” unicycle!

Edit: with a 26 you have a wider selection of parts to build your wheel set out of. this also means the “strong” rims and spokes will be cheeper and more accessible. so even if you cant do the tricks your uni can handle them.

Also if you want to spend a LOT more you can have EBunicycles.com build you a carbon frame.

Exactly how many parts do you think it takes to build a wheel? The hub’s the same, the KH 29er rim is fine, and there are at least as many spokes designed in 700c lengths as in 26" lengths.

But neither 26" nor 29" is a great size for tricks.

is 24 acceptable for tricks and light muni’ing?

at least for the next 1 years of college , i dont think i will be doing any commuting over 1.5 mile so i think i might actually got with 24. if i move out of my dorms after this year and live at an apartment that is further away, i think i will by a 29 then.

my goal in the beginning was being satisfied with just being able to ride well but now that im getting better at easy techinical stuff, i wanna just go for it and learn to do tricks!!!

if thats what you plan i would go with a dual hole crank set so you can use the smaller size for road and the larger for offroad.

I Dont know if you have been looking at the 26in mountain bike parts latley but the freeride parts have exploded. there now doing things on 26 that they would do only on bmx.

Yes, and? Do you really think 7-inch dual-travel suspension is going to do much for a unicyclist? The only “parts” advantage 26" has over 29", for unicycles, is more tire selection for off-road use.