24" UW with handlebars

i have an old 24" uni but it doesnt have a seat. i dont really have the means to go out and buy an expensive seat for a uni i never ride, so i thought about what i could do with it. i rode around a little holding onto the seatpost and thought i could attach a handlebar(like those low rider ones) and ride it almost like an ultimate wheel, because it wouldnt have a seat. i think a quill stem will fit in the frame where the seatpost normally goes, but if i attach it there it might not be tall enough. i can get cheap or free bike parts from craigslist. anyone done this before?

and yes i have used the search function

It’s called a Handlebar Unicycle. If you use handlebars like the ones in this photo, you can learn to jump through them (for a dismount). If you’re more fearless, you can learn to jump through them and land back on the pedals! I never took it that far. Later I replaced that cycle with an old Miyata with some BMX bars, which were higher.


you got a close up?

If your seatpost is 22.2mm a quill stem will fit right in the frame. If your seatpost is 25.4 then a stem will clamp onto the seatpost.

I have tried it and it is sort of fun but I switched back since I don’t have a collection like John and wanted to ride “normal”

Those handlebars got returned to their original owner (the picture was taken in 1985). I still have the rest of the uni though. I think you only live a couple of miles from my house (or at least go to school). We really should get together sometime… :slight_smile:

yeah i don’t know why we haven’t. and i am buying this quill stem (http://sacramento.craigslist.org/bik/1967550424.html) hopefully today or tomorrow, whenever he responds to my email. i might be riding this sucker tonight.

ok so bought the quill stem and put it in my post and connected the handlebar. looks great, but is hard to ride. i could ride it easily sif, but w/out the seat. i just held the seatpost. but now i cant do 2 revolutions with handlebars, which should have made it easier with more leverage on the frame. i think the handlebars are too far apart from each other. also my knees hit the handlebar at the bottom where the quill stem is.
i attached a picture, hopefully someone can tell me a tip to fix my problem. maybe i have the quill stem backwards…