24" trials/street tyre

So basically what the thread title says, has anyone experimented with/ know of a good 24" tyre for trial/ street type riding? Something lightweight with high volume, if that even exists?

There used to be the maxis hookworm 24 but I think they discontinued it. That’s the problem with 24s. You could also shave a duro, but my guess is you’d not save much weight. I ride my oracle around town and do some jumping. It’s fun. But it’s not ideal as a street machine. You may be able to find the hookworm uses.

How about the Continental Danny MacAskill Air King 24x2.4? It is probably the one tire designed for what you want to do.

No uni reviews that I’ve seen, but it has a round profile and a tight tread pattern. That and the Inspired bike trials team rides them.

Yeah I was looking at the hookworm, but it still sounded quite weighty, not much of a difference to the 3" duro. And I wanted a bit of an all round tyre that can do a bit of gravel and dirt as well.

Seriously tempted on that Macaskill tyre, huge fan of him, pretty pricey though. I’ve just gotten a Schwalbe 24x2.3 Tabletop tyre that comes in at a minuscule 400 grams not sure how it will go on a uni though. Gave it a go with an undersized inner tube, and it had literally no bounce at all, but can’t really judge it too much until I get a proper sized tube.

I’ll keep this thread updated with my experiments for anybody else that’s interested.

A 24x3 tire that was often recommended here for its cushioning and strong sides - and weighs about a third less than a Duro - is the Berm Master Tire.

Don’t know if it would suit your use.

I like the berm master for mixed use, but it’s not a very grippy tire. If volume, and weight are the important factors it may work out; but, if you want the confidence of smaller tread blocks, and sticky rubber I’d look at the Conti.

I’ve been lucky to buy pair of Hookworm 24x2.5 tires. :slight_smile:
I like Hookworm, but at winter in Moscow I’m using to ride on Highroller 24x2.5.

I have a BermMaster sitting in my garage, no longer have a 24 so I let it go for $10 + shipping if anyone is interested.

Its in near new shape.

I ride the 24x2.4 Maxxis Holyroller on my 24". I find it a great universal tyre for all but genuine muni. You can play around with inflation quite a bit with it.

Tempting mate! Are you in Bellevue, Washington or Bellevue, Australia?

There’s a thread all about the BermMaster here, for anyone that’s interested.

Washington State