24" trials rim

hey anyone know of a good average width 24 inch rim that can take trials riding? cuz i have a sun 24 flat top dx but its all stock and i wanna do some more challenging stuff on it but im afraid to bend the rim.

the sun flat top is different than the torker dx.

Nimbus Muni 24" rim, KH 24" Freeride rim, there are also alot of good trials rims available in the Bike Trials market. I guess any good Muni or trials rim should do. How much spokes does your uni have? If you have 48 you could use a 32 hole rim with your hub.

Unless your Sun is one of the new ones with ISIS cranks your rim will be the least of your worries. You are more likely to bend your spindle, or crank arms before you kill your rim.

I’m assuming that you have a Sun Flat Top Deluxe, and the ones I’ve seen had square taper cranks.

If you’re looking for reasonably inexpensive and quite, quite strong there’s always the good ol’ DX-32. I’m probably going to be switching my 26 back to one. They aren’t as wide as modern contraptions, but boy do they hold up.

the dx stands for deluxe. it says dx on the frame.

the crank arms will bend before the rim!!! dang! i seem to have highly underestimated the strength of my rim! as far as the spindle… may i ask what that is? i assume it is inside the hub? and can you give me an idea of what it would take to bend one?

The hubs on most of the Sun uni’s are not CrMo, and are prone to bending from moderate drops. The spindle is the part of the hub that spins inside the bearings, it is sometimes called the “axle.” It is possible that you have aluminum cranks which would be part of the “DX” package along with the rim, but still not much stronger than the steel ones.

They are fine for riding around, but there are posts on this forum from people who have bent the spindles or cranks from small hops or dropping off of curbs.

hey, everyone! guess wat. i bent my rim, got it straightened out at the bike shop, took it home, and bent it again. i jumped down two steps. TWO! and it bent the rim! twice! and nothing else is broken, twisted, bent, or otherwise damaged. what the heck did you mean by ‘the rim is the least of your worries’?!?!?!

I suspect that we all switched to near unbreakable cranks/hubs after switching to strong rims, so what we remembering failing first was the cranks. That’s how it went for me, anyways.

Correction: Landing sideways is easy on cranks, hard on rims and wheelbuilds. Better landing technique will help the whole cycle hold up to much more.

Also, once tacoed and un-bent, a wheel is not as strong as it used to be. But it’ll still be good for learning on. Make sure your landings are not perpendicular to the way the wheel is pointed.


the thing just isn’t meant for hopping.

youre just gonna have to save & invest some cash into a good uni.