24" trails

im thinking about getting a 24" trails and i was wondering how good it would be for racing. im also think about getting a 24" racing uni so if its not that good its fine but i still want to know how good it would be

well a 24 is not really meant for racing or trials…if your gonna buy two anyways get a 20" for trials and a 29er or coker for racing. pretty simple.

‘trails’ or ‘trials’?

If you want to race in a 24" class, then it is probably a good idea to get a 24. If you want to do ‘trails’ then a 24" is great. For ‘trials’ I would recomend a 20".

opps maybe i was wrong…if you meanttrails then yes a 24 is the best

If you are going to race seriously like at NAUCC, you need to go to the USA(unicycle society of America)website for official rules and regulations regarding racing. As for trails, I ride a 24 in. Torker DX for Muni and it works fine.

i have went to the NAUCC website and they said that if i raced in my age group the biggest size tire you can have is a 24" and i think if everyone had a 24" and i used me 20" it wouldn’t be that fair. i meant trails and i will be needing to keep up with bikes because thats what all my friends would be riding only because they have no uni and they aren’t good at riding a uni anyways unless they practiced.

keeping up with bikes on the trails requires alot of work…its not easy at all.

If you’re going to be riding with bikes, you might want to consider a 29 or even a coker. 24" just doesn’t have the circumference to keep up with a MTB rocketing down a trail, and a larger-sized wheel will lessen the pain.

would a 29" hris holm cross country be good

if they were using 26" tires and i was using a 26" how much hard would it be for me to keep up

also i would really like to get a 24" trails were i could do a little bit of muni and jump on and off of rocks while i am out in the woulds. the main thing is i just don’t wont to be like a hour and a half or two hours after them when i finish. i can beat most of the people that i would be riding with on a mountion bike easy. the last time we went only about four or five beat me and that is because a girl that i was riding with fell asleep right beside of me and ran into me

pass them up hill, no show off keeping up downhill

Incidentally, if you buy a 24" Muni you probably won’t be able to race with it, some 24" tyres are much larger than 24" across, and the rules say no more than 24 1/3 " I believe. The tyres genreally used for jumping rocks like the Duro and the Nokian Gazzalodi are more like 27" across although the fit on a 24" rim.

As long as the bikers arn’t really hard-core you should be able to keep up on a 24. I have embarassed bikers before cuz they have a hard time getting away from me, especially on climbs, and I ride a 24. No one likes to be shown up by a unicyclist.:smiley:

It may be that a 26in could be a good option too… extra speed, but you can still manouver better than on a 29in. Just remember that the bigger the wheel, the less manoeverability and hill riding ability you have.

it’s gonna be hard keeping up with mtb’s no matter what size tyre you use. bikes are much more efficient, even larger wheel diameter trials bikes (fixed gear) don’t keep up with 21 speed mtn bikes. i had trouble keeping up with an 8 year old one a one speed huffy on the trail because he could coast. if you are going to ride with bikers, you’re going to slow them down

if you have the money and you want to ride with mtn bikers then yeah get the KH 29er it will be better in the long run.

Why would it be unfair for you to choose to ride a smaller wheel? The choice is yours. Obviously, you’re at a major disadvantage on 20" in everything except the slow races and maybe the Obstacle Course.

For riding with bikes, the KH 29er is an excellent choice. It’s less suited to all the jumping & stuff, but if you want speed that’s your ticket. You will not be able to keep up with bikes well on any size unicycle, so the difference between 24 and 29 is not really that great as far as that goes. The bikes have the gears, and they always cheat on the downhills. :slight_smile:

it’s not really unfair it is that they would be getting 4 more inches then me outof every revolution. it would be my choose so im going to get a 24" that would be good for racing and a 24" for muni and i will be good. i thionk that the 24" for muni and offroad would be better because i would be jumping off of stuff

Re: 24" trails

On Tue, 4 Apr 2006 06:17:01 -0500, lucky_8 wrote:

>it’s not really unfair it is that they would be getting 4 more inches
>then me outof every revolution.

It’s “fair” to say that you have to multiply that with pi. They’d be
getting almost 13 more inches out of every revolution!

oops i didn’t think about pi