24" Torker LX

My brother bought a unicycle, hoping to learn to ride with me. Well, after about a week he gave up and gave me the unicycle to sell. I’ve had it sitting around for about a year and my wife is pressing me to sell it.

It’s in great shape as far as I can tell. The seat has a few scuffs on it, but nothing that you don’t expect from a beginner.

I’m looking for about $100 for it. I’m willing to ship it, but I’ll probably take it apart to make it fit into a smaller box. I’ve never shipped something like a unicycle before. I’d prefer if you paid shipping.

If you’re interested, send me an email at strngthnnmbrs@gmail.com

You may notice I posted this a few months ago. Nothing came from that and I’m hoping now goes a little better.

I can’t figure out how to post images, but I also posted it onto my local Craigslist. You can view that post here.

Thanks for reading.

Injecting pics :wink: