24" Torker LX

I bought one in October, it’s treated me very well so far.

My friend is learning now and wants one of his own. From what I’ve seen the LX is a very good beginner uni. Do you all agree with this statement?

If you do agree, where is the cheapest place it can be ordered online? (We live in Denver, Colorado)

If you disagree, what other uni would be good for my friend in the $100 - $150 range?

it’s the best learner. Beyondbikes.com has the cheapest I’ve seen.

Cool! 115 isn’t bad at all. I can’t get it to add to my cart, so I have no idea how much shipping would be. (to U.S. zip code 80465)

Thanks anyhow :smiley: I’ll keep trying to see if i can get it to work.

The lx is definitely the uni I’d recommend.
I’d suggest checking w/ your local bike shops about wether they can get them and how much they would cost. I know of two in my area that would do 115 no problem and that would save shipping as well. My 26" lx came with a crooked frame and my bike shop talked to torker and had a new frame sent out emmediately. It’s nice to get that kind of service.
If you do decide to buy online, you should be able to find someone w/ free shipping and still only pay 110-115.
Good luck!

I’m actually working with my friends mom to get it for him as a christmas present.

She found 2 sites with free shipping, but both had it for 150.
I got mine from magicgeek.com for 118 shipped, but they sold out and haven’t had any new one’s in stock since the beginning of november.

My local bike shop is terrible. I have to look around and see if there is a better one anywhere nearby.

Thanks for the help! And if you for some reason happen to see any deals one uni’s for less than 150, hit me up :smiley:

my first uni has been a torker LX and it has been perfect for learning on…nice and durable.
I have moved on now…i just ordered a new KH24 and I am really excited to start riding it…that is if it ever gets here…

but ya…i would definitely recommend it is a beginners uni

Cool! Well I’m pretty sure she is buying it tonight. She found one site that had it for 129 with free shipping. So everything is good :slight_smile:

Thanks again for the help.