24" torker ii tire reccomendations

Id like to try a 2.3-2.5 tire on my 24"

I mostly ride around the neghiborhood, used to ride on a local mtb trails its a pretty tame one,
im actually into down hill mountain bikes, when people tell me they ride their bike on this trail i laugh at them and tell them its a unicycle trail unless less they ride up it and back down on a xc bike then they are okay i guess.

the trail is hard packed, and my hood is paved…

I really like the idea/look of a 2.4 or maxis holly roller, and i got a line on one
but i read a unicycle review calling it squirmy

i can also get 2.5 hookworms, i ran a hookworm on a bmx bike when i was a kid, heavy tire… but i’ve gathered that uni riders like them.

im thinking i dont want a super agressive mountain bike tire on it… as the one mtb trail i will ride is pretty tame hard pack with some rocks, and i’m not into mud, or sand, there isnt too much loose dirt around, maybe some leaves and a touch of gravel

heres the trail if it helps

not me just a video i found…
but 90% of the time ill be riding on the street and 10% this trail

so any reccomendations???

Aaron Englert

I have a Hookworm and a Holy Roller. The Hookworm I don’t care too much for (heavy, and more of a street tire), but the Holy Roller is a good street/trail combo tire and would do well on the trail you linked. There are others that people will probably recommend. Good luck!

Thanks Lance :smiley:

I’m enjoying that sort of riding on a CST Cyclops.

Holly Roller!

Once you get into the trail you will want a larger wheel (get a 29) and keep the 24 for the paved runs. When this happens, put a Maxxis 24 x 1.75 DTH on it.

This tyre is really light so the uni becomes fantastically responsive. It has low rolling resistance and excellent grip on concrete and tar. Goes well on hard pack too but not suited to big sharp rocks as the sidewalls are light.

I’m not familiar with a uni called. Torker II, is there another name for it? I only ask because, if it is an freestyle uni, you may not have room to fit a much bigger tire than it came with.

Do you mean a Torker LX?

I have a 2.5 knobby (I forget the model) on my 26. I had to shim the bearing caps by a couple of mm though & it rubs if the rim gets a wee bit out of true.

well i went out and looked at it…

so uhhhaaaa
well its actually a sun extreme dx :smiley: lol

dont know where i got torquer ii from,
closest i can figure, is a figment of my imagination merged with the fact that i just ordered the last 6" aluminum cranks for a torker LX i could find.

i measured the clearance with a caliper the other day before i posted this to make sure a 2.5 would fit its was like 2.680" :sunglasses:
its enough room but barley…

meh, my friend does that trail on a 20"

what i really need is a 26" production privee shann mtb…