24" Torker frame, and a 20" trials wheel.

This is a trials uni I made from a 24" Torker. I bought a 19" 48 spoke Dx 32 rim and grafted the two. The son that owns it really likes it. It is strong, and the whole project cost $300. It is lighter than a summit. I’ve had it done for awhile, but my computer has been down.

That’s something I was thinking about doing for a MUni. I was wondering how strong the Torker Hub/cranks are. Do they compare to the KH and Onza? Has anyone broke or bent one yet?

I think the biggest drawback to that setup is now the narrow frame. What tire is that, and how much clearance is there?


frame size and strength

The hub and cranks are very strong. I own KH and Profile hub/crank combo’s and I believe these to be very close if not equal to those. Believe me, they’re very good.

The frame width is not an issue at all. The only issue was frame HEIGHT. That is why I ditched the 24" rim and laced in a 48 spoke 19" Alex DX 32 trials rim. This uni works great! The frame is very nicely made with machined bearing holders, but is not as heavy as a Summit. The only little problem is that the cranks are 155mm length, a bit long, but my kid’s not complaining.

My next experiment will be just like this, but with an actual 20" rim and a 20" FAT tire sold for chopper bikes. This should take care of the crank length problem, and will give me a really unique trials unicycle.

They do sell shorter cranks with the 20" Torker DX, so presumably they’re available somewhere.

I need to shrink the pic and show it next to some ohter trials unicycles we have. Maybe tonight.

I looked at torkerusa.com and unicycle.com and couldn’t find anwhere that says the cranks are shorter on the 20. So I did the wise thing and looked at the product review forum. According to this thread, http://www.unicyclist.com/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=29103 the 20 comes with 125mm cranks.