24" Torker DX Barely Used

Hey there
I have a 24" Torker DX that I only rode once (and only a few miles) beyond the confines of my driveway. The paint has of course been worn off a bit on the pedals and the seat handle where the unicycle landed when I was learning to ride on it. But there is no major damage at all.
I’m willing to let go of the uni for $170 because I bought it for $300 about a year ago. But if you’re interested just PM me and we can negotiate shipping, price, and all that.

I’m in Santa Monica, CA., by the way, and thats preferably where I’d like to do the transaction unless the uni has to be shipped.

Thanks for reading!

no takers?
Can anyone suggest another place to advertise this?
I’m not really that familiar with the unicycling cyberworld.
Thanks anyway

You could always try craigslist.

I’m not in the market for a muni, so what follows may be inaccurate. The release of the Nimbus ISIS-hub unis from UDC recently has made the DX not as attractive as it used to be–the Nimbus models are a little more compatible with higher-end stuff. So it may be that your price is a little too high right now, as people could spend another $75 and get a brand new Nimbus that’s arguably a better uni.

My son has a DX wheel in his KH frame right now, so I’m not knocking the DX. It’s a solid muni. I hope you find a buyer soon. Good luck!

OK I’m bumping this up because I’ve decided to lower the price to $95 + shipping.

If you are interested then PM me. Thanks!


I am very interested in buying this uni if its still available but i was wondering could you email me some pictures my email is acid-trip@live.com.:smiley:

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