24" tire on 26" frame?

Here’s a question I’ve been dying to ask someone.
How would a 24 inch tire go with a 26 inch frame?

It’s like this: a few months back when I was trying to figure out what kind of uni (or Muni) I should get, everyone I spoke to thought that a 20 or 24 inch would be a good place to start. For several reasons, I was determined to get a 26 inch (chief reason is my height)-- I knew I wanted to get a fat knobby tire.
I was told that a 26 inch is harder to learn on than a 24 inch. Only now is it dawning on me how true that might be…
Still, I didn’t listen. I got a 26 inch. I totally love it, and I’m having a real blast with it.
However, my freemounting STILL sucks, and I always give up the ride after 400 feet or so because my knees get wobbly and my fear of falling makes me chicken out. I always get back on (thanks to a stop sign or something like that). But my riding experience is more like sprinting as opposed to the cruising I was hoping for…
Like I said, I love unicycling more than anything, but I have to admit that I’m dissapointed in my own slow progress (Been riding since late May 04). Cracking down on the old freemounting problem is a fun challange, but it makes me feel like I’m starting all over again just trying to get it down…
Sometimes I wonder, would I have been better off getting the Nimbus 24 inch Muni instead of the Nimbus 26 inch Muni?
The ultimate question–is it better to get a 24 inch wheelset to stick on my 26inch frame? or would it be better to just get a second unicycle???


Well, at least there are people out there (including me) who took ages to learn how to freemount.

A 26x3 really might not be the best tyre to learn new things, but if you have already learnt how to ride it, why not simply continue? You will always have some times when you think that you are makeing absolutely no progress with your skills; don’t be bothered by that… .

One thing to consider when buying another unicycle or smaller wheel: Switching between different unicycles is also something you have to learn. So when you have another unicycle, don’t expect to be able to ride it immediately. You might need some time (1h? 2h?) to get used to it.


you could just get a smaller tyre for your 26inch uni, to learn on, then when you move onto muni you can put the large tyre back on.

This could help you get the freemounting right which you can then transfer to the new tyre when you can do it succesfully.