24" tire decision... can you help me? anyone? please?

I have been looking high and low for a decent 24" tire that isn’t immensely wide. I have found one on the Bedford Unicycles pricelist (V-Racing Stout Downhill, 2.3" x 24") that looks good, but there isn’t any info on it. So, before emailing Bedford Unicycles, I thought I’d bother the nice people at the unicyclist.com forums and see if they know anything about this tire, or if they know another similar one. I would like to be able to order a tire from Canada if at all possible. I know you people get a lot of people whining about this and that, but this time it’s serious. :smiley:




I forgot to say that I want to use this tire for MUni on mostly hard packed trails and maybe a bit of really adventurous stuff. Thank you!

I havent tried them but Intense makes a couple of 24" tires now, the 2.5 909, the DH 2.35 and DH 3.0. the 2.35 has a harder casing and the 909 and 3.0 have lighter casings.


I picked up a V-Racing Stout DH 2.6 from Darren (Bedford) when I got my MUni. Seeing as I bought it in February, there haven’t been too many dry trails to test it on, but it does handle excellently in the snow. For the conditions you gave, it would give you more than enough grip.

For $20, I can’t see a better tire for MUni. I was going for something wide, and it’s only 1/8th of an inch narrower than the Gazz. That and $90 cheaper.

For what you want, where you are and the sheer rock-bottom price of this tire, I’d say, “order today!” (damn I’m cheesy).


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Thanks to all

I thank you all for the time you have spent on this thread that would otherwise have been of more use to yourself. It was that rock-bottom price that had me worried, but I feel better now. :slight_smile: I will also check out those tires that you mentioned, Max.

Also, is there any chance that you would have a picture of the V-racing Stout? You know, just so I know what I’m up against. :wink:

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Re: Thanks to all

But of course:

http://www.unicyclist.com/gallery/eli (a few here)
http://www.unicyclist.com/gallery/albup10 (one here)

All the shots of my MUni are of the V-Racing tire (24x2.6", mind you).


Steve, I have this tire on my orginal MUni that I got from Darren earlier this year and it is a great all round tire. Not as fat as the Gazz but conseqeuntly also much easier to manage as an ‘all round’ tire which I find the Gazz not to be. In other words, you can definitely scoot around on hard packed trails and even pavement pretty nimbly on this tire yet it will give you some nice cush and bounce on drops, hops and going over rock gardens.

I have attached a pic showing the Stout. Hope this helps.


muni close up half size.jpg

I really like the 2.6 stout. It’s a great hardpack and soft stuff tire but packs up on mud and slushy snow.
It’s really like a 2.75 tire but does fit into a Bedford frame.
I have both the Stout and the baby gazz and I’ll take the Stout any day.
Now the quest for a really good mud tire continues…

While we’re on the subject of 24" tires, I’d like everyone to know that Tom Miller of The Unicycle Factory is still sitting on a big pile of white 24" tires he had specially made for us unicyclists many years ago. This is not a dedicated MUni tire, but is a great all-around, which I still use on my 24" Miyata.

The tire has a smooth center strip (but rides fine, unlike some other tires with center ridges), and a decent dirt tread to the sides. It’s 1.75" size, meaning it fits all normal 24" frames. I used these tires in my early days of MUni a lot, as my original 26" MUni was always out of action. It was fine on dry trails.

The last time I tried to order some, the friend of mine that was speaking to Tom was told by him that they’re getting old, so they’re not worth the original selling price (which I thing was $12). If I’d been on the phone I would have just told him to lower the price then. I’m sure they are still in more than fine shape for outdoor riding, and can probably be had for $10 each.

Please give Tom a call and help him out getting rid of that inventory (765) 452-2692. Good tires (they look good too!).

Thanks everyone. I think I know enough now to be able to say, “I’m going to buy one.” Thank you all for your input on this tire and others. It is exactly what I was looking for, and it’s cheap. (I’d go for a 26" wheel, but the local guy I like to deal with doesn’t have any of the “non-standard” wheel sizes, so it’s limited to 20’s and 24’s. On top of that, to get a real 26", it’s more money than I have to
spend. :slight_smile: )

Again, thanks everyone! I love this forum idea…

Please don’t hurt me, but I have one more question. Does the 2.3 fit onto a normal rim? I took some measurements and this tire will be less than one fifth of an inch wider than the tire I have on my 20" (my 20" is just like the 24" I’m ordering). It has the same rim and everything. I have a 2.125 on it, and the rim says this is as wide as it will take. I was just wondering if the extra 0.175" would make that much difference. I put one fifth of an inch (0.2) on a piece of paper, using a ruler, etc. to see how much it would actually be, and it was about as long as this underscore and period, minus quotations: “_.” That’s just for 0.2 though. 0.175 will be even less than that. My point is, based on this info and whatever you might know, will it work? Thanks.

Yes, it will.

Thanks Max. Now I won’t have to worry about getting a new rim or anything. All the pieces are falling into place. This is going to be one cool unicycle.

I’ll give you the low-down on it:

Suzue hub, generic rim (same as on my other uni, hasn’t broken), V-Racing Stout tire :smiley: , 24" chrome frame, and United style seat with duct tape highlights.

And if you notice anything in that description that you think will
not work, please alert me to it. Thanks.

A future Muni’ist,

Steve W