24" Surly Large Marge / KH Muni (Custom Powder Coat)

Hello everyone! I have for sale a 24" KH muni with the super wide Surly Large Marge rim. I received this as a gift a while ago but I’ve used it very little as I ride my 36er almost exclusively and have very few trails to ride near Boston.

It’s got a 24" KH frame powder coated dark grey with white mist, it’s got a few knicks on the side of the frame, but thats essentially all the wear this uni has. The 3" Duro Wildlife tire is the only one that’s ever been on the rim and as you can see in the photos, it has next to no tread loss.

It also has 150mm moment cranks, the previous generation blue KH hub, a KH free-ride saddle (the one without the stretchy nylon top), sealed metal pedals with spikes on one side and knurls on the other, and a 25.4mm seatpost with a shim to properly fit the KH frame. The smaller seatpost and shim means you can easily swap seats with your Nimbus frames without having to swap posts.

This is a beastly unicycle but I don’t have the terrain to do it justice and I’m looking to upgrade my 36er. Considering the great condition of the uni, the fact that new KH munis cost $675, and the fact that this thing has the awesome Large Marge rim, I think $400 + shipping is a really fantastic deal.

Here are some photos:

Here’s a close-up of the knicks on the frame I mentioned, as well as a good view of the tire tread.

A close-up of the awesome power coating.

I also have a second tire and a set of maguras (but no mounting hardware) that we can talk about if you are interested.

It is true there is more of XC rides than pure downhill nearby Boston. But with a lighter weight tyre, it is a pleasure (at least with my 26in Large Marge ^_^).

Nice muni. I was looking for this rim/wheelset to make a gift to a friend :slight_smile:
The whole muni is too expensive for the gift (except if lots of my parts to trade interest you) but seems fair.

But let me know if you are open to part only the wheelset (rim laced on hub only).

Those are awesome photos and I think that is a good price, you should have no trouble selling it!

Thanks! I sure hope so!

I’m not looking to part it out and I’m not interested really in trading, unless it was for a KH36 or Oracle 36er. :wink:

PM sent (hoping it is still available)

Because I accidentally disappeared from the forums, this is still for sale!

I’ll have it with me this year at NAUCC in an attempt to sell if anyone there is interested.

I have this muni for sale at Unicon and I’ve lowered the price to $350!

Hey, definitely interested in your uni. Can you check how much it would cost to ship it to 83001? thanks!!

Hey, definitely interested in your uni if it’s still available. How much to ship it to 83001?

Is the unicycle sold at Unicon ? If not, I am interested too :slight_smile: (can make for a local sale if you are still in the Boston area).

Hey everyone, this is actually still for sale. Each time I’ve gone to sell it the deal has fallen through. Let me know if you are interested. :slight_smile:

PM sent (& free bump :smiley: )

New price $325! + shipping.

I had my previous buyer back out due to an unexpected car repair, but that means this uni is still available!

Where are you located?
Could the uni be picked up in person?

I live in Boston, MA, so Seems like it would be a long drive for you. In-person pickups are definitely fine with me though, even preferable.

Thanks Brian.
Right. That’s a long drive.
I thought I looked for your location under your name. Can’t believe I missed it.

My location used to be listed, and then somehow it was erased and I noticed when you left your message. I just added it back in today. :stuck_out_tongue:

Current Price $325 + shipping.

Sold. :slight_smile: