24" Surly Conundrum frame, blackwith welded disc brake tab

Spring cleaning! I have two Surly Conundrum 24" frames and one of them isn’t being used.

Black. Disc tab welded onto left leg, right side. Decal is coming off but I have a new set of decals I’ll include with the purchase.

Pictures will be up later today.

$300 + shipping

PM if interested

Bump. PM if you want pictures. $300 plus shipping OBO.

Assuming shipping is still North America Exclusive…


If you would like pictures, please PM me.



Comes with two shims, Surly Constrictor seat post clamp, and an extra set of decals. Please note that the welded disc brake tab is on the right leg, right/front side, and the paint and decal was removed from the welding process on that side. Decal set comes with two decals.

Price Drop!

Selling frame and stuff for $275 + UPS ground. OBO.

PM if interested.


We’re closing in… :sunglasses:

Bump. Price drop $225 + UPS shipping.

Bump $218 plus shipping

Bump $200 plus $12 shipping to U.S. If shipping is more, I’ll pay the difference!

See PM


Sold! :grinning: