24" Surly Conundrum Frame: $175

I have a 24" conundrum frame that’s I used about 5 times. Since I have disk brakes on my 26" Conundrum frame, I don’t need the 24" frame anymore. I need to get $175 for it. This frame will take a wide wheel/tire combo… it’s made for the large marge rim (65mm) but there are other rims out there that will work with this. It’s also made to handle the endomorph tire (3.7) but they’re hard to find in the 24" variety.

$175, you pay shipping, everything as shown in pics.

Is this still for sale?

Yes, I still have it. I have been toying with the idea of keeping it and welding a disc tab on it. For now… It’s still for sale :slight_smile:


Sold it… :slight_smile: