24" sun flat top or

This just wasn’t for me. Has three rides on it. Pedals need some grease (old set I had). Has a flat seat.

Asking 175 shipped.

150 shipped.

Just out of curiosity, what did you not like about it? I have this uni, and I really enjoy it; however, I have a pretty limited frame of reference (Nimbus 29" and a junk 20").

The whole 24" thing just isn’t for me.

Gotcha. 'Hope you get what you’re asking. I have a blast on mine!

What’s the crank length?

150 if I remember right.

And ISIS, correct?

Yes. I forgot to add too that I replaced the tire with a CST Cyclops. There is also some slight creaking coming from somewhere that I think is due to the lack of cranks spacers on these uni’s. Still a great value for the money and a solid uni.

$100 plus shipping. Let’s get 'r out of here.

If I wasn’t looking for a 36", I’d just buy this thing myself and powder coat it in pink as an incentive for my wife to learn to ride.:stuck_out_tongue: That’s a very fair price.

Any chance you can tell me roughly what shipping will run from you to 87120 (Albuquerque, NM)? I may be interested as this looks like a much better unicycle to learn on than I have. Feel free to reply here or shoot me an email ( volock@gmail.com )

Looks like $39 but I’d call it $30 since it won’t let me change the ship date from today (Saturdays cost more).

So to 87120 I’d do $130 shipped.

How about shipping to 11201 (Brooklyn, NY)?

Hmmm… FedEx says about $75 to Brooklyn.

My wife took up power kiting with that kind of incentive, then decided she liked my big kites better and stuck me with the purple one.


Consider this sold, just awaiting details to get them payment.

Ooof, shame it would have been a perfect town-uni there. Oh well, it looks sold.