24" stuff for sale

sorry im not using the auctions page.

The Stuff: 24" Alex DX32 rim, great condition
24" Dyno Fireball, great condition
26" Black gloss Yuni frame, 22.2mm seatpost tube, slightly shortened, little beat
black spokes for the DX32 for the profile hub (if you want em)
24" Nokian Uni tube

What i want: 28" Frame that can accomodate a 3" Gazz
26x3 Gazzaloddi tire
26" tube

The Jist: Upgrading to a 26" wheel on my MUni.

check your PMs

its still here, and its gotta go. i may drop prices some more. any interest? anyone? respond to this.

Im interested in the Nokian Tube and the Fireball.

How much for each, both and got pics?

Re: 24" stuff for sale

how long? 244/5? ever used? PM me with price.

I also have some 24" stuff for sale (sorry to take over the thread Nick).

*24" x 3.0" Gazz (used like 2 times)
*Nokian Tube (same as the gazz)
*24" DX32 (same as the gazz)
*26" Yuni Frame (powdercoat yellow)
*235.54mm spokes
*Unicycle.com CrMo hub

Let me know if you guys are interested.

Catboy, $35 + half shipping (probably like $4) for tube and fireball. that sounds like an ok deal. i think ill throw in a sticker. respond/pm me soon.

Nick V. - Dayim! youre screwing me good by selling youre stuff at the same time, but hey, its corporate america. 'scool.

I am also selling 24’’ stuff, namely this entire unicycle.

$50 + shipping.

Hope I didn’t ruin your thread.

what kind of components are those:
what frame, what hub/cranks, what kind of rim?

Hub: Profile
Rim: Sun doublewide
Spokes: 13/14 Butted wheelsmithzz
Tire: Nokian Gazzaloddi 24x3
Frame: Yuni
Seat: Airseated miyata with stiffner plate and handle.
Pedals: Snafu NEW SCHOOL

is that some sort of typo or joke? if not i’ll buy that uni for $50+shipping

y’s it so damn cheap?

An old man died on it.

that’s a bummer, but i’ll still buy it

dude, the hub alone is worth more than $50. what are you thinking Obie?

too late, I’ve got DIBB’s on it. I hope.

darn it!

don’t you already have a muni?



if you didn’t get it, than who did?