24 street

Not very happy with the filming or the riding and all the clips were gonna be thrown away but i decided to make a video out of them cause some ppl ask. Overall i think the 24inch is gonna be my new ride :smiley:

Great riding! I live the smoothness and speed of big-wheel street! :smiley:

Please do more! I really like seeing more 24" street and I think you have the skills to expand the scene.

Loved it! 24" Street is always so refreshing, and your style suits it really well. I just love the pace and flow of it. The big jumps and rails were awesome.

The big jumps are EPIC! :smiley: 24 street is so flow-y :stuck_out_tongue:

Great video. I would love to see more. Like it was said, that was so very refreshing.
It would be cool to see a bigger tyre scene.

i think 24 suits ur style as ur really into big rolling hops. good flow too man, really nice to watch

Epic mate! Go you. I look forward to seeing more 24 street.

what crank size have you got mounted there? nice clip :slight_smile:

[QUOTE=. Overall i think the 24inch is gonna be my new ride :D[/QUOTE]

Hell ya it is!

Keep up the good work! 24" FTW! :sunglasses:

Sweet. Got some alright spots for it too.

Awesome! When you hop it looks so smooth, like you’re just floating through the air. Make’s me want to try out a 24.

Im using 137 moments currently, thinking about going smaller but im very pleased with the 137’s right now.

thanks for all the kind words guys :slight_smile:
haha personally im not very happy with the filming in it and i got some BIG things to film as well. Next video of the 24 will be the good one :smiley:

I have to say that you are way more enjoyable to watch on a 24" unicycle.

Very cool! Loving the 24’’ street! So flowy.

awesome stuff man, huge rolling hops for your height! how tall are you?

the 24" tyre looks like a 26" with you riding it. well maybe thats because i’ve been watching connor on a 26er and he’s 6’3" or something :stuck_out_tongue:

cant wait to see the next video :slight_smile:

lol, connor makes it look like a 24" :stuck_out_tongue:

im not to tall at all haha, im like 5’ 7"

^^ Nice, I think I am as small as you are =D (I’m also ± 172cm)
Nice vid
great hops, a lot of flow,and fun to watch :smiley: