24" street

hey i ride a bedford 24" light duty uni, (pics will be provided if asked) and i have in currently set up as a hybrid uni (for just cruisin and learning). anywho, i want to convert it to a 24" street, and want to know what parts you guys and girls would recommend. anything that can make it stronger, lighter and if you have any recommendations on tires that would be great!

Isis wheelset, Double walled rim, Maxxis Hookworm tire… Those are the must have peices…

as Unikid2 said, ISIS hub and cranks, if you have a DX32 rim on you uni it’s a good rim so you dont really have to change it, and a Maxxis Hookworm tire is really great for street riding but you can maybe try to find other street 24" tires. KH street seat if you dont have one yet, but I think they come with the bedfords uni now.

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Back when I rode a 24" for trials I loved my fireball (http://www.unicycle.com/Shopping/shopexd.asp?id=677). I imagine it’d be reasonable for street riding as well, quite smooth and lots of cushion to boot.

Don’t fall for it that is a trap! They don’t have the fireball tire pictured, they have a much less attractive Kenda Flame tire as far as I can tell. The picture does not match the description at all and I think fireballs are out of stock.

False advertising Unicycle.com- fix it! :stuck_out_tongue:

I love my fireball too, and all of my hookworms- pity the fireballs are unavailable.

Fireball Vs KendaFlame.jpg

fireballs are cool looking. But from i remember they have really thin sidewalls and are really heavy.

alright, i think i saw your 24 video, what were the specs on your KH there?

I don’t know about the weight, but I remember loving mine for trials riding, and don’t recall the sidewalls bothering me at the time.

pretty much a stock kh 24"

  • had some plastics on it i believe…twisted pc’s? i might be lying
  • maxxis holy roller (which i dont suggest, weak tire)
  • 150’s
  • well the street saddle too.

nothing really too fancy but it got the job done.

Fireballs have very thin sidewalls. They fold on sidehops, rolling hops and never bounce like you’d want them to.

Edit: Hookworm is great!

hes just back to rag on me about not riding 24" street anymore :wink:

i wish i still had my muni to put a street tire on.:frowning:

hey that was a really cool vid yous got ther, what were you riding?

how about this uni with moment cranks for 24 street?


yeah that would be good cept i already have a 24"er, and i just wanna upgrade it, and my trips to bedford keep getting stalled by school work, my dad or Darren, so i might as well try and get all the advise i can between now and then.

I was thinking about picking up one for myself, since they are so cheap