24" Street Uni

How many of us here use 24" wheels for street? To me it seems as though a larger wheel would just make so much more sense than a smaller. You could reach higher speeds resulting in further grinds and longer gaps. Other than being more difficult to spin in the air, and weighing more, are they many disadvantages to a 24"?

They’ve both got their advantages, another one for the 24 is you can rest your tyre between larger gaps where a 20" just falls through the middle.

The weight I think is the biggest issue. 24’s are just a bit cumbersome but they’re cool, slightly less clowny than 20s I think. Like I’ve said before, I want to see a 21.5" street uni

Yeah, an in between size would be interesting.

well everyone knows i couldnt resist posting in this thread haha.

But ive rode 24" for street for a few years now and i love it. The speed is greater, gaps are easier, i feel much more comfortable on my 24 then on a 20. But thats just me…

i just like the look more too.


does some company make a 21.5" rim? or a 22"?
that would be quite interesting to try out.

I use my 24" muni mainly for street and trials… I’ve got nothing against the 20"ers but I do also find that if you’re tall you really get the clown look with a 20".

I find the 24" much more usefull … you can ride around town at a decent speed going from location to location… with a 20" you barely go fast enough to pass people walking on the sidewalk.

Also, a 24" is more versatile, for things like MUni. That’s (and the clown factor-I’m 6’1"ish) is why I bought a 24" for street/trials.

You are so right.
I ride my 24" KH Freeride everywere : Muni, distance, a little trial and street.
On a 20" I feel so slow.

24" for Street - for variety

I use a 24”, Fireball, Profile, etc. for variety from my normal trials for street rides. This unicycle is sort of an urban assault vehicle. It is, indeed, harder to manipulate but a better challenge. And, the end result is that when I do go back to my trials uni I’m a better rider.

I find that my 20" trials uni works much better on the tight technical courses I tend to do. 90 degree on-the-spot turns go easier, and some grind rails just arn’t high enough for the 24". I also have some trials lines where a 24" just would not fit.

I guess it’s time for 90mm splined cranks! That way you still have the advantages of the 20", and higher speed. Then again, its nearly 12 oclock and I’m not thinking straight…

I would like a 24" much better too, it just feels better for riding around. But the problem is, I can’t do squat on my muni as far as anything besides muni and natrual trials. For urban type trials/street, it just feels so heavy, sluggish, and unmanevurable.

But I bet if I rode it for a few years I would get used to it…

I use my MUni for street, since my trials is broken. If I had really needed my 20" I’d have fixed it by now. However, I haven’t, and I ride trials/street on my MUni fine. If my trials wasn’t broken, maybe I’d have a bit higher hop. maybe a lot higher, but last time I tried a 20" I couldn’t hop at all.

Forrest: It should only take you like a week to get used to your 24", or at least that’s how it is for me.

i dont think i have the clown factor and im 6’1’’ (on a 20"). i really should get a 24" though.
maybe when someone wants to give me one i’ll make the switch back to Da Big Unis again (but my hunter is too damn heavy and 26")

I also think that maybe some ‘flatland’ tricks are easier to do on a 20" uni. Unispins for example would be much easier on a 20" then on a 24". Aside from that ofcourse, the wheel is smaller, and thus easier to turn, so if you were to jump onto an object, and not quite make it (hit your tire on the edge), getting onto the object is easier with a 20" then a 24".

Justin Kohse rides a 24" for street, and he’s AWESOME. he’s in Defect, does some huge gaps and other flippin awesome stuff…I think it could be an advantage because you can get more speed, but its probably also heavier. depending on what kind of street riding you’re doing, that might or might not be a problem.

Justin Cohse´s part is my least favourite of Defect.

Not the most constructive comment I’ve ever read so I’m just gonna flip it on its head and say that the worst section in Defect is still worth being proud of. :slight_smile: It contrasted well with the rest of the movie so I think it deserves its place on the DVD.

While we’re off topic, I expected a bit more time and creativity to have been put into Shaun Johannson’s section of Defect, especially with him apparently being sponsored by Syko etc.

Fexnix, why was that portion of Defect your least favorite?

hey guys,

ist not offensive or anything about my defect section, it was filmed well and the music/ editing were really well done also. Its really hard to please everyone…thats why there isnt just one style of riding…

Im actaully considering selling my 24" right now and saving up for a koxx track monster, cause the kh 2005 cranks and hub are just not my scene.

but a bunch of stuff has to be replaced on the good 'ol 24" from riding this weekend. I ended up bending the seat post tube about 45 degrees to the left haha, bent it back though then crashed pretty hard twice in a row trying to slide an insanley high hand rail, but it was only as long as a 10 or 12 set.

no im babbling.