24" street uni

I am looking to get into 24" street like is in Defect. I was wondering if the Nimbus 24" was a good uni to look at for this purpose? Any way I want y’all to put your input into my decision.

Couuuld work out… but you have to throw away that tire… Get something along the lines of a Maxxis Hookworm…and some slightly shorter cranks.

With some kh moments it would be a perfect ride. Some twisted pc’s to go. Nimbus uni’s are super strong. You don’t need a super wide rim for street, so it should be excellent.

As said the tire.

Does the Nimbus 24" not come with the maxxis hookworm anymore?

I am talking about getting the Nimbus II 24" but I didn’t put that in and you guys thought I was talking about the 24" Muni.

Hmmmm… Just get the muni with a hookworm and your choise of cranks. I’m not sure of the strength on that nimbus 2 rim… is it double walled?

If your on a budget maybe try getting some if not all parts used.

The Nimbus 24" freestyle comes with a 48 spoke ISIS hub and a double wall rim that is ~32mm, so not a unicycle that easilly upgrades to muni. The Nimbus 24" muni has a 36 spoke ISIS hub and double walled rim that is 42mm, so it’ll work for street or muni. I have both, I’d get the muni so you have choices.

I’d get the Muni w/ the 2.5" Hookworm. If you don’t want the knobby, I bet UDC would switch tires for free.

Although double walled, I’ve heard the Nimbus II rim isn’t as strong as the Muni rim.

If you are looking for an indestructable setup, you might want to consider the Nimbus II w/ $ for up-grading to a Qu-Ax rim, or just start out w/ a Qu-Ax ISIS Muni.

Has anybody broke the nimbus rims? If so was it a proper wheel build? The 19’s are pretty amazing. Kh made a quality rim.

The Nimbus trials & 24, 26" Muni rims are rebranded '05 KH rims. They are equal in strength to the newer drilled ones according to Kris.

I read of a guy who dished his 24" Nimbus II rim from something like a 2 ft drop. The spokes hadn’t been tighted in a while though (ever? I don’t remember exactly).

The Nimbus Muni rim that I have is the old KH rim, 42mm with eyelits. The Nimbus freestyle rim is double wall MTB styled rim and I beleive it has eyelits as well.

I don’t see how one rim would necessarilly be stronger than the other, more likely is the strength is related to the build and use. I think the 48 spoke hub is heavier than the 36 hole, and the Nimbus muni rim is wider, so more multipurpose.

The 3" Duro requires a rim 32mm or wider, so the freestyle rim might hold it, but the muni rim would certainly work better for all tires you might choose unless you go with a road racing tire that is super narrow.

I just think the 48hole hub is an overkill and it makes changing rims more limiting.

Now the PERFECT uni IMO is this one! All thats missing is the cow seat cover and a smiley face valve cover lol. :smiley: