24" street/trials video comp.

it seems like a few more people are starting to buy 24" unis
aswell as 20" soo i thought why not have a 24" street/trials
video comp.

hopefully we can have some fun and get some nice vids.

go be creative!

AWESOME!!! more inspiration to do this stuff on my new 24!!!

are Muni clips allowed as well as long as its mainly street and trails and then like natural drops on trails?

Ahh cool, I think this will be fun, I did a 52cm rolling hop on my 24" :slight_smile:


ill do it, trials is fun on a 24", i’ve only tried crankflips on mine though

glad to see intrest guys.

of course natural drops are allowed as they fit into the “trials” side of things.

yehh i tried crankflips on my 24" the other day. pedal in the back wasnt much fun



Here is a trials video that I made of Michael Padial (Padst3r). I filmed and edited it. Enjoy: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PdCU7KAHJVg

Erm… its not 24" :stuck_out_tongue: