24" Street Sping Video [SHORT]

I had begun a 24" video project, but because I never got enough footy i dropped the project… Also I had a new camera in the mean time so I needed to begin from the bgeinning again if I wanted to make a whole video, so I decided to make something out of what I alreasy got.
Everything was filmed in the beginning of spring 2011

Hope you enjoy and comment if you like! :smiley:

“This video contains content from WMG, who has blocked it on copyright grounds in your country.” Vimeo please?

I’ve tried to upload it twice to Vimeo but it says error everytime :frowning: I also tried to convert the video in a different format, but it still won’t work :frowning: The internet obviously don’t like this video :frowning:


UTV link:

Even on utv it doesn’t work, or at least for me =(
I so wanna see it, 24" street is awesome

If your like me, youtube have probably flagged your account as an account that frequently breeches copyright laws, so they just block all your stuff xD

Maybe they does :stuck_out_tongue: Need to see if I can get the passwords for some old account :stuck_out_tongue: Or make a new… But I can’t see why Vimeo won’t let me upload it ?? :thinking:

Pressing play on UTV but nothing happens :o


Just dont upload with a song, have the natural sound :slight_smile:

Without the song the edit will be pretty shit! To say it as it is, the riding isn’t that special I most focused on some editing. But I think I will make another (with my new MUCH better camera) Where I focus as much on the riding as on the edit :slight_smile: I’ll try to upload a few more times and if it won’t work, Then you must tell me your mail if you really want to see it :stuck_out_tongue:

Really can’t tell you why it’s happening, but I can’t either she it on UTV :frowning:

UTV never ever ever works for me :angry:

Tried to upload to FileSonic and MegaUpload, but they neither work :frowning:

Olaf makes every file work individually, so it can take a couple days but he should fix it so it’ll play, and you’ll see the name in the “Newest 5 Videos” in the upper right. It definitely seems like the internet hates your video though xD

Okay thanks :slight_smile: It’s the first time I upload to UTV because it wasn’t compatible with my old computer…

-Hurry up Olaf :stuck_out_tongue:

Works in aus.

Really liked the 180 and the crankflip off the car. Also the loooong jump. :slight_smile: nice edit too


Thanks Christian for uploading!
And thanks Casper for posting! :smiley:

Hopefully it won’y become blocked again! :smiley:

Cool editing and nice riding!