24" Street Setup

Right now I’m currently setting up a 24" street uni. I have 2 Torker DXs, a 24" and a 20". The Unicycle I plan to build will have:

-The KH street seat
-Twisted PCs
-Everything else on the stock Torker 24".

However, the stock Torker 24" has 152mm cranks. I have the shorter 127mm cranks from my 20" Torker DX. Are these shorter cranks the better product for 24" street?

i rode the torker 24" dx for a few months for street. its heavy, but damn its strong. I never broke anything in the wheel set. i would highly suggest switching out the frame, and plan on running a street tire… like say a hookworm or holy roller.

the cranks are a pretty good length. dont go any smaller, if you do you will have no pop and not be able to land anything! darren made the mistake of sending my 125’s on my kh 07 and i couldnt ride it, felt like a coker or geared uni.

hope this helps man!

anymore Q i would love to answer man, just pm me. GOTTA PUSH THE 24"!!