24" Street - Jakob F.

Hello everyone!

I dont edit very often, and I dont plan on doing it more often since my computer keeps on crashing… Anyway, all this footage was filmed before Unicon, I never had the time to finish editing before unicon but I got rain all day here today so I finished it!

The editing is not the best, but I think the riding is worth it :slight_smile:


I really liked that, sir !

nice vid!

I like it. Nice Music you choose.

Great video, thanks for posting! Loved the music.

Thanks guys! I had alot of trouble to choose the music. I ended up listing to some Muse and choose that song, I think it fits well with the video! :slight_smile:


I love watching big street video’s and this did not disappoint at all.

24-26 wheels just seem so much more flowy (yes that is a word now. screw what auto correct keeps trying to tell me) and you really made that shine through. Everything was clean and there was style for days.

More Please.

That video is kinda old now, but hey, thanks! I’m glad you liked it! I hope to make another street video on my 24" during the summer, but filming alone is not easy.

Can you do similar jumps on a 26er?

Probably, I think. I never rode a 26" Street setup, I have noticed a speed difference on my munis though, I have no trouble riding the same trails on the 26" as I rode on the 24", but for street I think the 26" is getting big. I like the 24" because it has more speed than a 26" but it is still fairly easy to control.

The 24" has more speed than a 26"?

By the way, you’re not the same guy in this video are you?

That’s one of my favorite videos and they mention a Jacob Flansberry. It’s a very inspiration video and I’ve been trying to learn to bunny hop and forward hop for the last month or so because of how cool it looks in that video. Definitely want to do hops like that but I have a 26er. You guys got me interested in the oracle and KH too. I went ahead and got a 26er because it’s faster than the 24" no?

Yesterday I think I’m starting to get the bunny hop and soon I’ll try the forward hop.

I’ve watched that youtube video like maybe a dozen times! The vimeo not as much but is great, I just have really slow loading issues with vimeo.

EDIT: I’ve watched the 2:43 mark many many times, I just find it remarkable how you’re able to hop like that with such ease. The height. Oh and especially the one going up the stairs at around 1:06 mark. Any tips, like the psi you were around at and how you’re able to hop so high? As much as I try, I can only go up maybe a foot…that height jump in that video is ridiculous!

I meant the 24" has more speed than a 20", the 26" is faster than the 24".

And yep, I’m the Jakob Flansberry in that video also, I’m glad to hear that you like it! We all worked hard for this video, I really like the way it came out! :smiley:

Sorry I did an edit with some questions at the end that you probably didn’t see. Just want to catch you before you’re gone.

Any tips on that?

Just like everyone would say, the only tip I can give you is practice more! Hugo (at 1:05) has some crazy rolling hop skills. I find that the easiest place to practice is stairs, it’s easier to commit to a bigger hop. But the higher it is, the longer it is.

Okay. Thanks!

JAKOB!!! YOU"RE SUCH A GOOD RIDER! Even though this is old, it is such great riding! Keep up the awesome work!

I love 24" street, it is my favourite form of unicycling to watch. I wish I still had a 24", i’ve been regretting getting rid of it since the day I sold it.

BTW, Is it just my computer or does this video look like it’s in stop motion?

HAHA! Peter thanks! Street on the 24" is just amazing, I just like fluxing around and taking my time to commute, play on stairs and stuff. It’s fun when you know exactly how the way from A to B is so you can do more flowy line on the way!

The camera I used isn’t very good, so it might be the camera, it might be the computer. I never noticed a Stop Motion effect though!

Yes, Jakob! Make another 24" street vid! I want to see it.