24" Semcycle XL for sale best offer

This sucka was my original ride.

Up sides:

  • Intact frame
  • 2.5" wide Kenda Kolossal wheel
  • Intact inner tube style seat
  • Intact rim
  • Unicycle.com sticker

Down sides:

  • Cranks used to get loose when I did 3’ - 4’ drops (although they seem pretty solid now for regular riding)
  • That probably means something’s wrong with the axle and the cranks are or will be stripped (i went through a pair before I got the ones that are on it now)
  • No pedals

This thing’s been sitting in the shed for awhile and there’s no way I could ever use it again with what I ride. However, with some pedals and if needed some fixing it could be nice for some other kid’s first uni experiences.

No real price expectations. If you want it, make me an offer. If you want it more, make me an offer that exceeds the other guy’s offer. I’ll tack on the price of shipping to whatever the total is.

No price expectations, eh? 10 bucks.

That is actually a Semcycle Deluxe rather than a Semcycle XL.

Whoops, for some reason I spaced and thought that’s what I was saying. Thanks John.

Hmm, sorry Samuel, I just got an offer for $40 from Andy.

Well, if no one else wants to go higher then that in the next day or two then it goes to Andrew!

Don’t call me Andy!!!

LOL, I was camping this weekend, and I made a mistake. I was with a guy from work and his 2 kids and somehow got asked if I like to be called Andrew, or Andy, they were calling me Andy since i’ve known them. I said Andrew, cause I like that better, but I usually don’t notice and care. From then on if Shane said Andy, he’s be like " Andy, errr Andrew" and they’d all correct each other, lol. The 4 yr old even called me something like Andrae.

Anyways, call me whatever you want, just not late for supper.


ps. it’s hard to type when you’ve just been riding motercycle while your wet and slightly cold.

40? 45!


Do I hear $50?!


50 going once!




Ok i’m not going higher, I found this cool looking blue uni on uni.com and I think i’ll get it for myself when I’ve gotten more tricks under my belt, besides I already have a 24. Hope you get it Same, have fun with that nice wheel. : )


I’m just waiting on Samuel’s confirmation that he wants to buy the uni. Otherwise it goes to Grant who came up next.

I PMed you. PM is a verb now.

Just got an offer for $60…

I’ll give this until 8pm (my time) Wednsday.


2 hours left

looks like samuel is going to get it… hey guy who pmed me with the $60 offer… speak within the next two hours or you don’t get the uni…

by the way sam do you want to pay me with paypal?