24" Schwinn to 20" tire?

I’ve been wanting to get a Schwinn and do the whole monty conversion with
the miyata seat. I was carrying around my miyata at school for a vaudville
show we were putting on and a friend of mine was talking about how he
tried to unicycle, but got easily frustrated and now he has this uni
laying around in his garage. I went to check it out and it was an old 24"
schwinn. I now have it, but I want to put the 20" monty tire on a schwinn.
So my obvious question is can I put the 20" tire on the frame that
currently has a 24" tire.

Thanks for reading, Brian Hafdahl

Re: 24" Schwinn to 20" tire?

It is possible, although it’s also expansive. You will have to buy the new
monty rim, and tire, spokes, probably want new crank arms, pedals, and
maybe a new hub. I am not sure how to get the fork blades off, but there
is a tool out there that can do it. Unicycle source has an option to get
the monty wheel into the schwinn frame. This is the page they have for it:
<http://www.unicyclesource.com/Monty_Trials_Wheelsets123427.html>. If you
want a miyata seat on this schwinn you might want to do some custom
cutting and welding, or have somebody do it. or you can just get a carbon
fiber seat and have it drilled for the schwinn seat bracket.

-Max, The Injured