24" Schwinn Crank Bolt

I am looking for a crank bolt from a 1970’s 24" Schwinn unicycle, mine broke and I can’t find one anywhere

Crank bolt? Do you mean the cotter pin bolt that holds the crank on the axle? Search “crank cotter” on ebay and you’ll find tons of them.

Also, measure the diameter of the cotter pin on the other side, and buy two. Replacing both will make it much easier to get the crank alignment right.

You should be able to get them at a decent bike shop.

Thank you for the replies that is exactly what I am looking for, a crank cotter! I will order one online. Cheers!

Seriously, order two. The taper varies, and even if you get the same taper as the original stock cotter pin it will not have any wear. When i used to replace cotter pins at the bike shop i would clamp the pin in a cotter pin vise, and file it to match the wear in the existing pin. Since you don’t have the tools it is easier to just replace both pins.

Thank you jtrops!

+1. Order two. They’re cheap. If that taper isn’t identical on both pins, the cranks won’t be exactly 180º opposite of each other.