24" Rowing Muni

This is my spare Muni. Need to thin the herd. It has seen very little trail action. Mostly used at work to ride around the lot. Never done any drops. Basically new condition wheelset.
Onza Hub/Cranks
This is an older pic, will get some current ones.
The unicycle is still in the condition of these older pics.
It has a reinforced KH seat on it now

I also have a Hunter 36" I may consider selling.

I may be interested in the 36er. Do you have pictures and how much do you want for it?


ditto ^^^ HOW MUCH FOR THE 36ER?

When I read “rowing Muni”, I thought of a rowing bike…

… built as a unicycle. :stuck_out_tongue:
Now I’m disappointed.

This 36er in in perfect condition. There is not a mark on the frame. Has hard to fing GB4 handle. I want $600 without the tri-drilled Kookas (125, 150, 175mm) and $800 with. Plus shipping costs from VA. It has one of the older Airfoil rims that are properly sized. Set up for Magura brake. I have one if interested.