24" Qu-Ax Muni

24" QU-AX Muni in excellent condition. Only breifly used in Georgia mountains than i got relocated to Florida where there are no mountains, and no trails!!!
$200 or B/O. Buyer to pay shipping. Will ship anywhere in U.S…
picture attached

Backpack pump uni stroller 001small.jpg

See PM

There may not be any mountains, but there sure are alot of trails in Florida. I know there are some Muni riders up north of you in Ocala.Check out this thread I’m pretty sure they meet up regularly. Just post and they should contact you shortly.

****** I wish u had this up a week ago, I would have bought it :frowning:
Oh welll, looks nice, I’m sure it’ll go quick

I am interested in buying this unicycle… it appears to be in very good condition. I’m currently tight on cash and was wondering what the lowest price you would except might be.

After doing some more research this appears to be quite a generous offer. However, it might get up there with the shipping cost. I would like a few more specs on the unicycle if at all possible. I am very interested and am eagerly awaiting a response.

Is the Qu-Ax still available? Can you quote shipping to Springfield, MA 01104

I’ll buy the muni

Not sure if my pm went through but if it’s not sold yet I’ll buy it for the $200 and pay whatever the shipping is to zipcode 49269 no quote needed. I can do paypal or whatever is best for you, have the money in the bank ready to go.