24" Oracle Muni on it's way!

I bit the bullet and took yet another step to add to my collection.

I decided to go with a 24" wheel over a 26" simply because I already have a KH 29er. My skills aren’t developed enough to give me the confidence to play in some of the demanding trails which we are blessed with around here, with the 29, so I felt that the 24" would fill that gap and allow me to develop my technical skills a little more…

Can’t wait to try that baby!


Oracle 24 has got to be THE best 24 on the market today IMHO.

I bought one and apart from bending the D’Brake mount (probably in a UPD) and looking funny with a dished wheel it’s been great.

Excellent, i hear you ran into my younger brother the other day! haha we will have to go riding together soon!

Yes I did, nice chap. He mentioned that you use the trails quite a bit and that re-ignited my interest in muni, in fact I spent some time there yesterday with a non-isis 24. Those trails south of higway 5 are amazing and highly technical in some places, we’re very lucky.


Any interest in a muni meetup? I’m in Rochester, NY… looks to be about 2.5 hours away from Burlington. I might be willing to drive there, or some good trails happen to be closer, even better.

on a side note i did find some trails that are kinda nice :slight_smile:

You have no idea Gathan!!! i have about 25 km’s worth of the bruce trail logged in the old noodle =D haha DOZENS AND DOZENS of hours worth of riding!!! From some nice smooth flowing, to INSANELY technical!!! The Main starting point is old waterdown road after you go back up out of the valley. From there you head right for insanely technical and left for easier. But the easier has some outrageously intense rock sections. Been mountain biking for 6 years back in there.

My brother was sayign he was going to try and mount a V brake system similar to your 36er on his 29 club and Muni with it… I just don’t know if it will hold up in the long run…

We will get out for a ride! I just got a new camcorder so we can make some uni movies!!!

(canon HF G20 for those interested)

For Sure Muni for bust! In water down (55 minutes from niagara falls border crossing) we have some of the best riding for about 4 hours of driving >< i will check it out to see if the trials stuff is still set up in the woods. There was quite the skinny rides ><