24 or 36 Tough Brands (Southwest US)

Really want to get into some street but maybe be able to ride to school without swerving like a drunken hamster for 7 miles?

Stranded in the city so not much muni going to happen. Maybe someone has a better suggestion than a 24in or 36in.

Looking for a splined hub, maybe some flashy Kris Holm. Pass any offers my way– pm or forum post.

I’ll also be in NJ next week so I could come check stuff out there.

Could also use some square taper cranks. Cheaper the better.

Any 36er offers encouraged

24" Torker DX

I have a 2006 24" Torker DX that I’ve ridden pretty hard during the years since I bought it and have had no problems with it. It’s built on a very strong frame with really strong cranks and pedals. It has been good to me to ride through town but if you’re looking for a bigger wheel I understand. If you’re interested though I’d give you the unicycle with a stand and $40 shin guards all for $200. I can put up some pictures if you want to see it. Thank you for your time.

Appreciate the offer, but I’m no longer looking to purchase. I might still fall for a cheap 36, but I’m studying abroad next year (no easy way to take a uni)

No problem man. Good luck going abroad! There is so many great experiences to have out there.