24" or 26"?

For Hanukah, I am looking into getting a larger wheeled uni for mor long distance riding. I want to do about 4 miles at most… and was wondering which of these unis would be better:

http://www.unicycle.com/shopping/shopexd.asp?id=742 24" Nimbus

http://www.unicycle.com/shopping/shopexd.asp?id=869 26" LX

Please keep in mind that I am just about 5 feet tall, and I might have trouble getting on a taller wheel (I would have the cut the LX seat down A LOT)

Also, my dad is worried about me going to fast, falling, and getting really hurt. If its a bigger wheel, is it easier to stay on?

Thanks, Ben

4 miles can be done with just about any wheel size. Although a 26" would be a bit faster, that’s about all. A 24" can easily do 4 miles. Pick what one you like best i guess.

If I got the LX, would I be able to get a nimbus gel saddle on the same post, or would I have to buy a new post as well?

I’m 5 foot 2’’ and I got a 24’’ wheel. I had to cut down the seatpost until the seat wouldn’t go any lower because the seat hit the clamp. a 26er is probably too big for you considering you’re two inches shorter than me. I would say go for the 24’’ but I would have to know your inseam. also, what kind of riding are you going to be doing? if muni I would suggest looking into a dx. good luck.

you would have to get a new post. torker made some funny post just to go with their saddles.

I really want this for some short distance and light muni. Is the 24" a big step up in terms of speed from a 20? I am still leaning a bit towards the 26, plus it is cheaper. But I really have no experience.

The required seatpost height is not determined by your height. It is determined by the wheel diameter, crank length, crown height, and, as you mentioned, your inseam, not height. The shorter person may be the one with the longer legs. The cranks under consideration may be a full inch shorter than yours. The crown and seatpost tube might be shorter on the unicycle he is considering. I have seen small nine year olds riding Cokers. If their legs are long enough and the cranks are short enough it’s going to work.


You are not going to go so fast on a 26" wheel that you’re going to get hurt unless you’re trying to go full sprint speed all the time. You’re probably going to be able to run out the fall. If you are proficient with a 24" wheel the incremental change to a 26" is not that great. If you want a 26" wheel, go for it.

The 26" has 170 cranks. The 24" has 125 cranks. The speed difference will be almost unnoticable between the two because one has a larger wheel and longer cranks, while one has a smaller wheel with shorter cranks. That being said, because your 5’, the smaller wheel with shorter cranks will probably fit you better.

So, the 24" would be okay for going 4-5 miles without killing my legs? I am not so worried about speed as being able to go far.

or you could get the 26 and get new 125mm cranks and go super duper fast…

I woke up this morning, got on my 24’’ and rode 12 miles with nothing but a wedgie when I got home. It’s surprising how efficient a unicycle can be compared to running or something. with the 24’’ you will have no problems whatsoever in terms of getting tired.

Alright, so it sounds like the 24 would be better for me. Now comes the hard part: waiting until Hanukah starts to get it…that would be waiting until December 16th… oh well, I guess I can ride my 20" a few miles if I have to.

to be perfectly honest I think you should get the 26er and get shorter cranks. The speed difference between 20’’ and 24’’ isn’t huge and the lx is super lightweight.

Well, I have no clue how to put cranks on… if I did I bet I would mess it up so they aren’t straight.
Gordito8me, how long are the cranks on your 24?

I thought torker had a 29er out? If you can find it get that.

I think you should either get an 26" LX and put 114 or 125mm cranks on it, or get the AX 29".

Is it hard to switch cranks? I really think I would incapible of doing it… And as long as I can ride 5 miles or so on the 24, it would be fine.

Keep in mind that neither of your listed unicycles has a tire that is intended for “off-road” use. If your idea of “light muni” is just riding across a yard or something relatively flat, you should be okay.

its not hard at all. you just need a crank puller.

I mean muni in a sense that I am riding to a friends house and have to go over some rocks or down a hill or something. Not muni in a sense of going to a trail and riding… just to clarify.