24 or 26

Am ordering tonight and want opinions. Am torn between a 24" KH and 26" KH. I am gonna do light trails (Kalamazoo, MI has no mountains) Mess around with son who does trials and just use for my main fun unicycle. Any suggestions and why???


The smaller wheel would work better for riding with your son, because a trials wheel is going to be pretty slow. Then you can do some trials with him.

On the other hand, for light off-road a bigger wheel would work better. You could probably try it with your Coker just to see what it’s like. I have a 29" with 125mm cranks and it works great for light Muni.

You could also get the bigger wheel with smaller cranks for riding slowly with your son, then swap in the shorter cranks for light off-road. But personally it doesn’t really feel right to me, to have a large wheel and long cranks. It just doesn’t feel fun I guess.

Sorry I guess that’s not much help. :o

If you’re torn between those, the 24 will do better if you want to use it for trials and the 26 will do better for trail riding.

Ideally though, trials should be done on a 19".

If you want to use one for both, I’d suppose going for the 24" would be best then.

I’m going to have to offer a different opinion :slight_smile: I think if you get the 24 you would be compromising both sides, you get a slower machine for light off road and even thought 24 is smaller than 26, it is still not going to be much of a trials uni.

If you get the 26, then you get the exact uni for your off road use, and you are still in a similar boat as the 24 for trials. Down the road if you decide you really like to, you can get a dedicated trials uni and your 100% satisfied on both conditions.

How much of the riding would be “messing around with your son”, vs. light XC?

Do you plan on learning trials with your son, or will your son be riding trails with you? If you want to use it mostly on trails I would say the 26 would be very nice in lower MI. It also has an advantage with number of available tires. If you want to learn more trialsy stuff the 24 would be more nimble; although, I can’t really speak to the trials angle.

As for fun; it’s a unicycle can it be anything less? Seriously though, what’s your idea of fun?

I disagree with your disagreement. :wink: The 24 makes a pretty decent trials uni. Sure it’s going to be heavier but at the age of the OP he’s not going to be doing huge hops anyways (sorry OP).

I would go for as large a Uni and as small cranks as you can manage for light trails. Then you’ll be watching your son do trials as you circle around him.

Well thanx for all the thoughts… I decided to go with the 24". I decided I will be doing alot more riding around the house with son, so I opted for that reason. I go Cokering 3+ times a week anyway, so the trails will have to wait til all 3 boys are out of house. Now, I just have to wait til Friday for it to get here!!!

24"s seem a lot harder to find decent tires for these days. Both sizes are good. After seeing Kaspar’s 26" MUni it makes me want to get one of those- and good tires are readily available in 26". I miss my 24"s.

There’s not a huge difference between a 24 and 26, I have both, but prefer the 26 for trails and messing around, seems to track better, less twitchy. I think your size plays a part, so I’m 6’ and for me a 26" is not that large, but if I were 5’6" it might be.

I also have trials unis, but don’t ride them much, that’s a younger man’s toy :wink: Tire choices are a big plus since 24" tires are going the way of the dinosaur. The 26" is probably the muni of the future…

Thanx to all again. Received my new KH24 today and WOW what a beautiful piece of equipment. I have Coker, Koxx, Sun, and UDC unis. The KH is prettier than all and rides great (what little I could ride tonight in MI snowscene).