24" or 26"

i’ve been riding a 20" for a while now and its almost gotten too small for me. i’m 6’7" and was wondering what size of tire would be more comfortable for me to ride.
thanks for your help!

what do you want to do with it? Just ride around town?

If you are just riding around a looking for a bit more speed but not thinking of going all out with a 36er i would definitely be looking at a 29 or possibly a 26.

I have a 26 with a hookworm on it for my riding around town unicycle right now.


At your height go with a 29".

i guess you could say just around town. it will be ridden on gravel roads mainly (for now), and it has uphill and downhill roads.

i’m not wanting to go to a 36er that’s not what i’m wanting.