24" or 26" road uni. Sale/Trade

I’m looking for a 24" or 26" uni for general road and fitness riding.

Look for outright sale or trade, or trade+cash

I have a 20" nimbus uni laced to a 20" KH Flat rim. The other components are standard strength. Feel free to ask for more details.

If the 20" is your only 20", you should keep it, then buy a 24" or 26". Then you’ll have two unicycles. Use the 20" just to practice skills, and that’ll make riding the bigger wheel oh so much nicer! Sorry for the thread jacking but every unicyclist needs a 20"!!!

I’m also interested in outright buying a 24/26 but if I can offset the cost I’d like to. I have bad knees and it limits my riding so I settle for what I can do and right now that is all-around fitness riding.