24” Nimbus Muni

Selling my 24” nimbus Muni in lightly used condition. It has a Kris holm fusion zero saddle with Flansberrium mini T-bar (KH t-bar insert in picture but flansberrium insert will also be included) otherwise stock with 125mm cranks and in excellent condition. I’ll note that the nimbus decal is peeling at the edge as seen in photo. It is the latest version with plug and play disc brake attachments

$250 plus shipping in the lower 48 USA. I use bikeflights for shipping so it should be plenty reasonable

If your serious about buying send me your address and I’ll provide a quote



I’m interested. I am in Tyler, Texas…75762. Can you estimate what shipping will be?

hey brother is this item still available

hey brother I am in Nacogdoches we should go riding

The seller hasn’t been on in several weeks, but we (myself and the seller) have an agreement on this one. Last I was told is they are boxing it up for me. I’m still interested and assume that I have first dibs as per our direct message convo. Just wanted to let you know. I see you are doing lots of shopping :slight_smile:

yes brother, I raced bmx 1996-2001, I play disc golf but I never thought about a unicycle community. I taught myself at 10 years old too ride the uni. I think I might diggin here and start practicing and coming to events.

I will keep searching, do you recommend any other sites?

For used? Ebay seems to be busted out, and Craigslist isn’t great for my area. Some say the Goodwill website is decent to keep an eye on.

My go-to is https://www.unicycle.com/, but also keep in mind Mad 4 One stuff.

Cool thank you :pray:

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I just got my 36” oracle from unicycle.com, I just ordered a mad4one 27.5 muni custom and I am now ordering a 24” RGB muni for my go to

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Nice. You musta just walked into a pile of cash or something haha.

LOL :joy: just decide to splurge on myself a little

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