24" Nimbus Muni

24" Nimbus muni for sale
10 months old
Located in Texas

what’s the postage to the UK like?

Where in Texas?

liddle, dont you already have a muni?

i sold it to doc doo, due to surgery, but if i see a bargain then i’ll get a new one and garage it.

I dont think this will be a bargin due to shipping :stuck_out_tongue:

i agree if i’m honest but theres no harm in being optimistic :wink:

The unicycle is in Carrollton, near Dallas.

You should come to the Dallas Unicycle Club meeting this Sunday, it’s at the Allen skatepark. :slight_smile: Plus my friend Erick may be interested in your muni, and he will most likely be there.

What time is the meeting? I may stop by.

I will hopefully be there by 8, and I told everyone to just come whenever they can, as I’ll probably be there all day. :slight_smile:

still for sale?

Hi I was wondering if you still have the muni for sale. Thanks.

The muni is still for sale.

Can you give me some more specifics please? What tire is on the uni? What hub and cranks does it have? Other information.

Tire - 24.00 x 3.00 Duro in good shape
Cranks - 155

24" Nimbus

I am seriously interested in this MUni. I work with Arnold here in ABQ.

You can reach me at 972-590-5596.

Hi again, I tried msgn you the other day but I think you don’t get texts perhaps. Anyway, would you be interested in going down to 145$ shipped? I would really appreciate it. I am borrowing one of Arnolds. $ is tight but I have the bug pretty bad. you can hit me at 505.480.5107 Thanks.

Is this thing still available?

The unicycle is still available.