24" Nimbus Muni cheaper in US than Europe

I just noticed that the price at unicycle.uk.com for a Nimbus 24" Muni is £165 which at the current rate is equal to $292.46 (US).

The same unicycle costs $189 (US) at unicycle.com US .

I’m sure there’s a proper reason for the difference, but this opens up an oppurtunity for me and possibly for someone in Europe.

I am traveling to Italy this summer for 2 weeks. I have the oppurtunity to ride Muni trails in Bologna with giocologgi for a couple of days at the beginning of my trip. If I bring my Muni, I’ll have to lug it around for most of 2 weeks while hiking with my girlfriend. What if I brought a Nimbus 24" to Italy and sold it there after I was finished with it? I would sell it for $189 (US) minus $50 for my usage. That would work out to be $139 or £78.42 or 116.82 Euro.

Would that be a deal for anyone in Europe? Is it legal? Does it offend anyone?


If you count the shipping from uni.com to you, and the cost of hooking up with the European buyer, you may not be making much or your buyer may not be saving much. The only thing you are really saving is having to lug the uni back from Europe. Either uni you’d be lugging around for 2 weeks.

Anyway, something to think about.

Not a lawyer, but I doubt there’s anything illegal about selling the used unicycle.