24' Nimbus MUni 2005 review.

I bought a 24’ Nimbus MUni 2005 from unicycle.uk.com in June 2005. Delivery took only a week after I had purchased the order. So there was no problems before/during/after the delivery. The parcel (and its contents) arrived swiftly and in good condition. Thanks to unicycle.uk.com!

This was my first unicycle and that’s why I didn’t feel that I would need stronger one than this. Though, now when I have gone through the learning time, things are very different! I would like to do some big jumps of the rocks with my MUni and so on, but… :slight_smile: I have done some 3foot drops with it, but I don’t have guts to do higher drops, because manufacturer only permits some 2foot drops to be done with it… :smiley: It hasn’t complained a bit, but I can’t afford a new one, so if it gets broken… That’s why I bought the Qu-ax Trial.

But this Nimbus is a very good off-road unicycle for beginners and some advanced riders as well. It rolls beautifully over nearly all kinds of obstacles, due to the 3.0’ Duro Tire. 152mm cranks are also very handy, though some may think they’re too short. I have noticed that I can manage a tight spot better than my friends with longer cranks, because my cranks won’t touch the ground so easily. Pedals are also very grippy and that’s a good thing (perhaps too grippy…) :smiley: The saddle is convenient too.

Though this Nimbus is an excellent package, it has some taints also. I think the frame a bit too wide and I constantly end up hitting my leg in the frame, especially when jumping. Secondly, the jetset rim with groove got broken after only a month’s use when I was riding slowly on flat. The groove on the side of the rim just ripped off without warning. The good thing was, that I got a new one free of charge. I just sent a polite claim to the unicycle.uk.com. They were very sorry about this happening and sent me a new, stronger rim. So things went well after all. Thanks again to unicycle.uk.com!

I hope somebody reads this and gets some help choosing a suitable MUni for him/herself. And if somebody has any questions, feel free to ask! :slight_smile:

Result: 9-/10