24" munis v 20" trials: characteristics?

I am looking to upgrade my 24" udc dodger (after i’ve saved up some [hopefully before the BUC]). I’ve been riding aboit 3 1/2 weeks and have been doing drops of about a foot or so (technically yesterday as it’s after 12).

I’d like to do mainly street style riding, but I’d also like to do a little bit of off road riding and i’m hoping my next uni will be able to double up (in terms of functionality).

I’d like to learn flip and spin tricks too (Shaun!!) would the weight of the uni be a really important factor to consider?

Also, if i am to grind stuff what would people recommend I look out for (in terms of pedals and stuff)? :thinking:

actually, just saw this

thread and figure it answers a lot. feel free to post if you’ve any more ideas though…

The K1 Road Monster looks pretty sick! Is it possible to fit off road tyres to that (if I ever feel the need)?

If that’s the one with a 3" wide tire, the rim is probably too wide for a road tire.

EDIT: As for the 24" vs. 20" thing, getting a 24" would be a pretty good compromise. You can do trials on it, but it’ll be a bit harder to fling around than an equivalent 20" ride. The 24" also gives you the option of doing trail riding without killing yourself. (Covering any kind of distance on a 20" is pretty tough.)

I like my new 24" Qu-Ax muni, but I may still end up upgrading my old trials setup for hardcore bouncing around. :confused:

Doubling up, as you say, is always a compromise. For best results, buy the wheel size that goes with the activity you are most interested in. In your case it sounds like Street, which would be 20". This works especially well if you already have a 24". Quick tricks like crankflips are very dependent on wheel size (rotational mass) and would be quite a bit harder with a bigger wheel.

thanks guys- real informative. I think i’ll get a quax beginner’s trials as it looks to be within my budget and (fingers crossed) i may be able to get it before the BUC.