24" muni

Hi everyone. On the lookout for a 24" muni preferably with brak but if not I’ll take what I can get.


there is a 24 nimbus oracle for sale on the forum


That one is in the UK.


I have a 24 conundrum in pretty mint condition, one small scratch on the frame
No brakes
I’d let it go for $500 + shipping


Thanks wheel but that a little to rich for my blodd at the moment

I have a 26’’ wheel I could let go for pretty cheap. I also have a 24’’ but I want to keep it for street riding. If you’re looking for a Muni, the 26’’ will ride better over roots and bumps. Last time I rode my 24 it felt like crap haha.

PM me if a 26’’ wheel could be an option, I might have other parts lying around to build a whole uni (or almost complete).

Jaco - PM Sent

24" nimbus

I’ve got a 24" nimbus with khris Holm’s cranks on it and a nice gel seat, needs a seat post but I’d be will to take an offer on it. I’ve also got two spare tires for it, one street and one off road.