24" Muni

I’m looking for a used ISIS 24" Muni, preference KH 24 but interested to see if/what anyone has to offer right now. Please let me know if you have something you would like to sell. Thanks.

Still looking for 24" Muni or maybe even 24" wheel set and/or 24" KH frame.

Hi Ally,

You could just buy a 24" rim and relace your 26" wheel as a 24". It might be the cheapest way to upgrade to a 24" unicycle.



Hey Scott, thanks I have been considering at least a wheel build for a 24" for now. If I do I might just work from scratch so I can go back and forth between the 26 and a 24. Thanks for the suggestion. As it stands right now if no one has a uni to sell I might just wait until spring or UDC’s new stock. Thanks again.

Bump still looking must be ISIS, anyone?

Are you still looking? If so, I have a KH24" for sale.

Send me a PM if you’re interested.



Thanks for the offer Nick. I bought a used KH24 from a really nice guy and it’s a great little Muni. Thanks Mad D.