24" MuNi

hi, i am selling my 24" bedford light duty MuNI. its in great condition and ive had it only since march 2009. there are only scratches on the front and back bumbers, pedals and one scratch (small) on the cranks, like any used uni would and still in great riding condition im am selling out cuz i want to get into freestyle and flat/street uni and need the money to buy a new one. still not sure if and when i want to part out because im not sure what i want to replace it quite yet, so if you wanna hook up for a trade pm me. im looking for around $200 because its in such great condition. i hardly ever used it for muni cuz im at karate 7 times a week plus piano and school and there isnt much great Muni area around where i live so theres almost no point. unicyclist.com is being weird for me and wont seem to allowe me to post pictures on any of my threads or posts so if you are interested PM me your email address and ill be happy to send you some pics. so yeah, let me know:)

the uni is no longer for sale