24 Muni

As stated, I’m looking for a 24" Muni that’s in fine condition and under $300 but preferably $250 or less. Maybe a Nimbus or Qu-ax, or even a KH if I get lucky. :smiley:

I’ve got a torker DX "24 muni that I will sell for $150.00?

what kind of cranks?

Sorry, I sold it this morning to the my bud who lent me his torker cx to learn on. After he rode it he liked the much less flexy feel of the dx. The dx has splined cranks.

anyone else have a 24 muni?

still patiently waiting…

btw, price can be negotiated

Depends on how badly you want it…

just post price, type and condition and I’ll decide

(also helps if there are pics)

what brand is it and what price are you asking for?

if that’s a titanium frame, I doubt I’ll be able to get it

6061 Alu, It’s a,
08/09 KH Frame
KH Freeride Seat
Try-all re-inforced post
DX wheelset and a IRC Kujo 3.0 tire
Wellgo B37 pedals

what kind of cranks?

how much are you asking?


and… 450, CDN

Depending on where you are…

sorry, too far over my budget

anyone else have a 24 muni?

depends how long you are willing to wait to get one cuz it depends if and when im getting my new one.