24" muni vs. 26" muni?

Ok so i am ready to buy a new muni as my current unicycle is breaking and i’m ready to up grade. I’m looking at the nimbus 24" and the nimbus 26" munis. i’m about 6’3" so i’m not a small guy. i will be doing xc riding, single track, and some down hill in the future. I havent been able to really find good info on which would suit me better. and also what crank size? i havent really decided but i might be willing to spend more and get a KH but still dont know what size. any opinions?



Go with the 26!

If you are 6’3" then definetely go with the 26" but add the extra money and get the KH26. I saved when I bought my first MUni and ended up getting the KH annyway after a while. Since you are going to be doing a lot of Cross contry the bigger wheel will be nice. I am only 5’8" and have done some nice riding on the KH26. At your size it is a foolproof machine for singles. If you are going to be doing much more cross country then go for the KH29.


With your size & stated uses the 26 would be your best bet of the two. Or as Unicorn has mentioned you might even be inclined to go with the 29.

I’m not sure just how much higher the entire wheel & tire combination is between the 29 in comparison to the 26 so you might want to get some height measurements. I believe that you might have more wider tire options to chose from with the 26 than a 29 so if that’s important to you then that needs to be considered.

If I’m not mistaken some of the earlier KH 26" frames would not accept a 3" tire so make sure you get one of the newer ones if you go KH (Not sure what the nimbus will accept for width)

If your skills are good, as in you can ride muni now, on single track with obstacles, then maybe a 29er. But seriouisly, my first go round with a 29er was not great, literally dropped my level of riding a full notch until I went back to the 26". Tall wheels take more skill, esp if you wanna ride rough terrain. Stick with the 26", consider it as big boys 24", save the 29er for later…

ok, thanks for all the advice. i’m going with a 26er for sure. how big of drops do you think a 26er will hold up to?

Muni Size and Drops

With skill you should be able to easily do 1 meter drops with the KH26. With the KH29 I do 40-50cm drops. If you are not going to be doing the big drops with your size you should go with the KH29. If you plan on doing the big drops get the KH26. At your size go for the KH24 only if you are going to be doing extremely technical stuff with huge drops and lots of skinnies. Lately I have been riding my KH29 much more on the singles and I love it’s speed!


I have had a KH24 (back in 2004) and a KH29 (one of the 1st Blue framed ones).
I ride only XC Muni and the 24" was too slow (with 140 cranks) and the 29" was too higher gear for climbing long hills :thinking:
I Love 26" its the Best all round :slight_smile: and the Great with a Schlumpf :smiley:
KH26" is the best all round
Pete G

Or a Triton 26" :roll_eyes:

I bought a Nimbus II 26" muni when my Koxx one Trials uni snapped. I was torn between the 24" and the 26", and planning on restoring the Koxx with a new frame I though the 24" would be much closer to the Trials uni, and therefore it would be like having two similar-ish unis, so I went for the 26" as it was a bit quicker. I really like the 26", but being slightly shorter than average (170cm) I find that things like wheel walking and one footed is slightly harder, however, this will be difficult even if you are quite tall.

The 24" on the other hand is so much more manoeuvrable, and more robust, so if you want to do technical muni it may be harder. Although the 26" rides over things like they’re not even there, and stairs are smooth as anything!

It really depends on personal choice, both have their advantages and disadvantages, so it can help to have a go on both types. Plus, if you are riding with others, go with what they have, as it’ll be more difficult to keep up on a 24", but a 26" may not be manoeuvrable enough.

Bigger than you’re likely to ever do.

If you break it, I’d be impressed; bad landings and having someone drive thier car over the wheel notwithstanding.

Nimbus Muni 26 with 165 Ventures upgrades: KH adjustable post, KH Freeride seat, Odyssey Twisted PC pedals or Animals Hamilton PC (Nylon). ~$400 or so. You can get by with a standard Nimbus post and seat, but you won’t have the comfort or adjustability you get with the KH stuff. I prefer nylong pedals for weight savings, still have fine grip, but less pedal bite than metal pedals.

You could just upgrade to the KH 26, wider rim, lighter frame, better rim (wider), comes with the KH post and seat, but then it’s quite a bit more money.

If you have money to burn, well then, I’d get a used Nimbus and ride that until this baby comes out:

Nurse Ben …never see like that but very nice!

yeah i can’t wait for that thing to come out! i really really wanna get one. i talked to josh from unicycle.com about it this morning. i’m excited for it!

Go with the Nimbus 26-er, but don’t go up to 165’s. They’re too long. I got the dual-hole moments but only ever run them at 137mm. I’m actually tempted to grind off the extra hole!

Love my 26er! :D:D:D

This is something I’ve been looking into as well since I’d really like to get into it with all the great local spots to muni.

What I’ve gathered from this thread and the links to others is that 24" is generally safe for whatever you should choose to ride, and gives you the option of riding more technical trails or spots. Where as the 26" may be a little bit more geared towards distance, less techinical trails, or better riders?

Please correct me if I am in the wrong, because I should like to get my hands on a MUni soon.

Given that my impressions are based on my height as well, as I am 6’ tall

I recently bought a Nimbus 26" muni with 150mm cranks and love it. go with the 26" muni

the crank size deals with what type of riding your riding, if your going to be going over rough terrain or very steep hills without a brake i would go with longer cranks personally.

If your going to have a brake i would experiment with shorter cranks, then you can go fast and use your speed to get over things. haha its amazing what you can roll over while your go as fast as you can go. Ive plowed over bushes and even dead trees and countless giant rocks that i surely thought i was going to fall on :smiley:

The wheel size i would pick by how tall you are, i would really like to get on a 26inch but i feel that it would be pretty big for me and right now im having no trouble with my 24inch.

I have a 26" muni with dual hole cranks - 150mm and 125mm. I’m short - 5"2 and find it a nice ride. I found it sluggish and non responsive at first compared to my 26" road uni, but then I switched from a duro wildlife leopord tyre to a tioga white tiger and now it is a completely different ride!
I can’t really comment on a 24" as I haven’t used one for muni, but If I HAD to choose I’d go with 26", cause its faster and I’m sure if you spend enough time on it you can do almost anything on a 26" that you could do on a 24" ???

I’m 6’3" and weigh a buck-eighty. I bought the Nimbus 26 MUni with KH 137/165 cranks, and the Freeride saddle. Off road, in the mud, or in the snow I still have the pedals in the outer holes. On the street I like them in the inner holes. I also bought a Hookworm road slick. If you are on the street, or on hard-pack it is 1/2" narrower than the Duro Wildlife, and much less bulky and therefore more responsive. But the 3" wide nobby is excellent in the snow and loose dirt and bumpy stuff, albeit a little bulky and heavy. I think I would feel a 24" is a little too small for me at my height. Later this year I will experiment with a lighter and narrower MT B*ike tire, but for now I am riding the Duro and it has been very stable and grippy on snow/ice, mud, grass, dirt, etc.

The KH is no doubt a really nice uni, but it is pricey. I am very satisfied with the Nimbus. If I decide to move up to a 29er I really like the Qu-Ax Cross. It is not a full MUni package, but looks perfect for cross country riding http://www.goudurix.com/us/29-cross-isis-black.html
It is roughly the same price as a Nimbus 26" MUni. Unless you are doing huge drops, or a lot of rough terrain that requires a wider tire this might be a great ride.

I also have a hookworm on my road uni, but I still think the Duro is overkill on a muni - my Tioga can go through just about anything - gravel, sand, over rocks, roots, thick grass, clay etc. etc. I haven’t tried snow…so maybe the Duro has an edge there :slight_smile: Perhaps its also a weight/height thing - smaller riders might find lighter tyres easier?

You don’t think 2" would make much difference but it definitely does. 26" is a nice all round size but for downhill 24" is the way to go.

And you’re right, a 3" tyre is overkill no matter what you’re doing.

Not sure why I’m posting in this thread though. The muni discussion thread or countless other 24 vs 26 threads would be better…