24" Muni/trials uni for sale in melbourne australia

Im selling the muni i made because i just dont have the time to ride it any more. Its only a few months old and hasnt had much use at all.

Its a custom made 4130 chromolly frame based on the chris holm 24 inch.
It has profile cranks and hub, (165mm cranks)
Dmr V8 peddles
Viscount seat
Sun rhino lite 24 inch rim
Duro leapord 24*3 inch tyre with hardley any use on it.

Im asking about $800 Australian for it. To Australian buyers only. I didnt know where else i could sell it so i figured here was the best place to try.

If anyone is interested please email me and ill try and get some pics to you. my email is hellsman@hotmail.com

Thanks, James

Wow, that sounds nice. Did you order those 165mm cranks or were they already available. You may want to try emailing Chirs Vevers of the AUS. He might know someone who’s interested.

Good luck,